Want to own Robby the Robot? You can!

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The robot prop from the classic 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot, is going up for auction on November 21.

The robot was purchased by its present owner in 1979, and has been sitting in his home since then.

In related auction news, one of eighty medals carried on the Apollo 17 mission is also going up for auction.



  • Edward

    The article mentions that Robby the Robot (the actor) played in many television shows, after being introduced in the movie “Forbidden Planet.” Thus, for their $100,000 they got quite a bit of work out of the old man, or prop, or whatever. See his filmography, below:

  • wayne

    Edward- thank you for those factoids.

    On the 50th anniversary Forbidden Planet DVD set, they include the “The Invisible Boy” appearance of Robby, and “The Thin Man” TV show episode, “Robot Client.”

    Reference the Apollo 17 medallion– in the same auction there are a number of other great space items available, including Item #9160 – “Apollo 11 Crew-Signed Flown Flag Presentation,” with a pre-auction estimate of $50K.


  • ken anthony

    Like many Hollywood stars, Robbie needed better representation! He did well as an action hero, but never got the romantic lead.

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