Watch the last Blue Origin landing, from the rocket

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The competition heats up: Blue Origin has released footage taken from the New Shepard propulsion module as it returned to Earth and landed.

I have embedded the footage below the fold. Quite cool.



  • Rob B

    It’s beautiful to hear the building sound of the air & of the rocket cut off on landing.

  • Alex

    Such achievements makes USA attractive, not by military and finance enforced world’s dominance.

  • BSJ

    So, is the camera in a pressurized compartment? Or are all the sounds being transmitted through the structure?

  • I will repeat. We are in a race between a future where opportunity exists, and that where it doesn’t. Opportunity is losing badly, because a majority of people have been conditioned to believe that they can only be successful if others hand them things. We are on the edge of a golden age of space exploration, and it’s all going to be pissed away for government checks.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Am I the only one who thinks the surface finish on that cover panel is pretty crude? Or that the border of the opening into which it fits is a bit wonky? I haven’t seem fits and finishes that bad on a moving vehicle since the Yugo was still being sold. I wonder if they use a crowbar to open the thing after all the screws are removed? Kinda looks like it.

  • BSJ

    I noticed the fit of that cover wasn’t all that great too! I figured “just a prototype” applies…

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