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Who said this, and why they said it, puts the lie to every left wing anti-American cliche expressed for the past half century. The people who know what oppression is, and where it comes from, also know who has consistently defended their freedom the most, in the past.

My only fear is whether the United States that these Eastern European nations remember and love still exists. I am sadly no longer sure.

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  • pzatchok

    This is just another political ‘land mine’ for Trump.

    Obama has had 8 years to do anything in Poland. Before that the left cried to high heaven whenever it looked like Bush would send in troops.
    Its been years since the Crimea invasion.
    All Obama ever did was wave at them even though he had the support of the Dems and could have sent in troops years ago.

    Watch for it from the MSM.
    If Trump pulls them out hes leaving the Poles for the Russians. And he could be a Russian spy doing their bidding.
    If he he leaves them he is trying to start a war and he is unstable.
    If he adds to them he is trying to empire build and thus he is crazy and unstable.

    Also watch for those mysteriously missing or hidden homeless that always crop up when Republicans are in office.

  • LocalFluff

    This tiny troop deployment is a demonstration of inability. The force is so very small that it has no military significance what so ever. Compare it with the snap drills that Russia are repeatedly making, mobilizing assault troops several tens of times the strength of all of European NATO.

    If Poland had wanted a defense they would’ve chosen to get one. They haven’t. They don’t care at all if they are under EU or Russian occupation. And with the disaster that the EU is, I understand that no Poles know what it is that is supposed to be defended against what. They might be better off being ruled by Moscow instead of by Brussels. And they demonstratively just don’t care about it either way.

  • wodun

    Poland has one of the best militaries in Europe and they have fought with us in Afghanistan.

    The problem with Obama moving troops around is that everyone knows he wont use them. Obama is all talk and half measures when it comes to the military.

    But he is putting troops and equipment in place for the next President. Trump might not be the pushover that the media keeps portraying him as.

  • Alex

    What is not say above: Large portion of people in Eastern Europe and in Germany do not welcome US troops!!! It is just the opposite, many, many peoplesee danger arises from these troops. We do not feel threaten by Russia, which is our friend!

  • pzatchok

    The US troops in Poland are nothing more than a tripwire force. Just like the token force in South Korea.

    I actually trust the Polish military more than the German military right now.

  • Alex

    Mr. Zimmerman: I apologize for my recent typing, writing and language errors. Therefore, I welcome very much an “edit function/buttom” to allow later correction!!!!

  • wayne

    pzatchok– good stuff.
    -Big Media can’t mention the homeless, food stamps, the price of gasoline, or the real inflation & unemployment-rates, until after Trump is sworn in.
    They will start trotting out all those billions of “homeless people,” right after the Inauguration.

    Russians aren’t your friends, & neither were the Soviets.

    This is a repeat from me, but well worth a view–

    Sebastian Gorka – Defeating Jihad
    Heritage/Book-TV Event

  • Jack

    There is a quote something to the effect: Nations do not have common friends only common interests.

  • LocalFluff

    Ironically, Poland was the only country in Europe that had a responsible defense and foreign policy in the 1930s. That didn’t help when their allies let them down and they were invaded by both Germany and Soviet (who were expected to be each other enemies). All other European countries had useless militaries and no alliances so they were easy picks. UK was only saved by the channel. And today Europe is again completely defenseless and split. Western politicians are all very stupid. It will be easy for Trump to totally dominate the entire world.

  • Richard M

    “If Poland had wanted a defense they would’ve chosen to get one. They haven’t. They don’t care at all if they are under EU or Russian occupation. ”

    Every word of that is untrue.

    Poland is one of only 5 NATO countries that meets its obligation to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense. The Poles have a pretty decent military, and when asked, they’ve deployed in force to US operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. They were in fact the only other country besides the UK and Australia to commit troops to the Iraq War in 2003.

    I’ve lived in Poland. I can assure you that it will be a bloody affair if Russia ever tries to reconquer the place. That’s still in living memory, and the bitterness still runs deep.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, Poland now has one of the most euroskeptic governments on the continent.

  • LocalFluff

    Richard M, well 2% is not enough. Russia spends 5½% of a much larger budget, they have about 10 times as many full time soldiers and 20 times as many reserves to mobilize than what Poland has. I know there is a strong popular will to fight for independence in Central/Eastern Europe, but it is not reflected in actual policy. Germany, France, UK will not and cannot give any effective support to Poland if the Russians invade. A symbolic US troop presence is a poor substitute. What has the US done for Georgia or Ukraine or for the Christians in the Middle East? West has weakness and failure as its only ideals and cannot be relied upon for anything, whatever lies they come up with. Actually, ALL alliances that existed at the outbreak of WW2 were let down before it ended!

    Iraq was a total and most humiliating defeat, it is controlled by Iran and Russia now! Russia has taken over the entire Middle East with military cooperations with Turkey and Egypt besides Iran and its satellite states (Syria, Lebanon, Yemen). From Crimea via the Bosporus, Suez and the south mound of the Red Sea Russia has friends all the way to the Ocean. Putin is intelligent and very successful. I’m surprised he is not more ambitious, he’s probably holding off for as long as his relative strength keeps increasing because the total ineptness, hilarious failures and unsolved crises of all the Western clown politicians. Besides restoring Russian dominance over Europe, the shia dominated oil fields of the failed tyranny of Saudi Arabia is an obvious target for him and his Iranian allies. Saudi spends more money than Russia on the military, but they are too stupid to know how to use it. Russian modern weapons, aerospace, elite troops and nuclear deterrence is a perfect complement to the mass armies of Iran, Syria and Turkey and their solid knowledge of and influence in the region.

  • Alex

    No Wayne, Russia is our friend and partner. Here, an article for oyu, which describes the situation.

  • pzatchok

    If you think about it.
    2% of Polands budget spent on military is pretty good. They don’t have much of a navy or Airforce to finance plus everything they have is up to NATO standards. So pretty much all of it is spent on ground troops. Just whats needed to slow a Russian invasion until real Allied forces show up.

    The Russians have quite a bit more to spend their cash on. A large nuclear force, a large aging navy and an inadequate air force.
    All pretty much useless vs a large ground force fighting on its homeland. And both sides have comparable ground equipment and training. Not like in WWII when Poland was defending itself with old bolt action rifles and riding older horses against the German tanks and sub-machine guns.

    In fact the only way Russia survived the German invasion was with HUGE lend lease support from the US. Everything from food and trains to ammo and aircraft. We couldn’t even get Russia to provide Allied airstrips for the German bombing campaign unless we supplied then with everything to operate them. All Russia had plenty of was warm bodies and vodka to keep them motivated.

  • LocalFluff

    Russia isn’t Soviet anymore, Poland won’t be helped by wishful thinking. Now they are the ones with a modernized military and big frequent snap drills, they are capable of our days’ bliztkrieg, while NATO is cutting back since over a quarter of a century and hardly ever arranges any bigger drills any more. The little money still spent has been wasted on the humiliatingly lost wars in the Middle East, an experience without value for a large conventional war in Europe. I saw a NATO commander recently complain that French vehicles cannot be fueled in Germany because of different standards and that there are no mobile bridges available in Europe anymore among other things. And all of it lead by incompetent corrupt politicians who have always failed catastrophically with everything they’ve done and who just keep on piling up new unsolved crises for the EU. Compare that with how successfully Putin has built up Russia’s economy and military and international influence since he became resident. Russia has 10-20 times more army soldiers than Poland and they are better equipped, trained and led. It doesn’t look at all good for Europe. At least a Russian occupation won’t be so bad at all. Putin doesn’t have any sick ideology of racism or communism, he just wants money and power like the old time kings. He might actually be a much better leader of Europe than what today’s clown politicians are! Only those who do not make themselves useful for him will be killed.

  • Cotour


    What we believe that we understand may be something other than, what we think we believe. It applies in this instance and in our own politics. Disinformation? Information?

  • wayne

    ‘You are not laughing now, are you?’
    Nigel Farage

  • pzaychok

    Under Merkal Germany got so complacent that they quit manufacturing MRE’s for combat operations.
    She just claimed they could buy them off of the other NATO nations if need be.
    Thanks to Obama
    Germany has NO US armor left. Plus Patriot Air defense units have been removed from Germany to other places around the globe.

    Now why would Putin and Russia want US troops back in those places?
    Putin knows that US forces in those areas are no invasion threat to Russia but they are a threat to any ideas he has about expanding Russia back into its old Soviet era areas.

  • Alex

    @pzatchok, you said: “In fact the only way Russia survived the German invasion was with HUGE lend lease support from the US. ”

    That is true, but there is another reason/factor. Stalin had no problem to sacrifice his soldiers and also civil people to large extent, which would have not been possible in Western country.

  • Cotour

    Related, because someone has arrived on the scene who has the potential to straighten a lot of this mess out and reestablish Americas position in the world order:

    Our country is in bad need of a political enema, and Trump is the head nozzle man.

  • Cotour

    PS: When I say “America’s position in the world order”, what I actually meant was, “America’s position as the leader of the world order”. WE DO NOT LEAD FROM BEHIND MR. OBAMA!

  • Cotour

    And I continue:

    This is what the majority of America is dealing with. I suppose the Democrats will explain that they are just community organizers doing what it is that they do, and its their right to do so.

  • wayne

    thanks for that link, I was not aware.
    (brand new Project Veritas video)

  • Alex

    Trump just slammed Angela Merkel

    DONALD TRUMP! “We have waited for you for a very long time.”

    We love you!

  • Insomnius

    With Obama and Clinton’s corruption gone,(hopefully) maybe Trump and Putin can actually go after Islamic terrorism TOGETHER, instead of US using “it” to undermind Russia and her Allies? Some cooperation can go a very long way to making the world a safer place for all.

    note: not for serious discussion guys, just sharing some videos.

  • Alex

    @Insomnius: I am able to imagine that Trump shares more political values with Putin (for example both are nationalists and anti-globalists) as with vast majority of other so-called Western leaders, who are at most globalist and should stopped by Trump.

  • Insomnius

    @Alex: I think you are right about those two, both Trump and Putin. Some in the west have failed to understand that NATO’s troops keep moving closer to Russia and not the reverse.

  • Alex

    @LocalFluff: I have something for you what you should embrace very much!

    Diversity is good! SATIRE!

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