“We need to start killing people.”

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This story has been making the rounds, but I held off posting it because I wanted some confirmation that it was real. It is. At a anti-Trump rally this weekend in Seattle one speaker made it very clear what she wanted:

“F**k white supremacy. F**k the U.S. empire” the speaker attacks capitalism. “You know what America thrives off of? Capitalism,” the speaker says, adding, “We use our mother=f**king, f**king black and brown bodies to live and survive while white people own f**king properties after that.” But the speaker has a solution for this problem, “So you know what we need to do? We need to start giving f**king money.” The rant continues, “White people, give your f**king money, your f**king house, your f**king property, we need it f**king all. You need to reparate black and indigenous people right now.”

A minute or so later, the speaker takes it up a notch saying, “And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die.” [emphasis mine]

The worst part? The speaker claimed she was a preschool teacher who intended to “f**king radicalize mother-f**king four year olds and five year olds.” Imagine her as the teacher of your toddler. Every other word is a curse word, and the words in-between are filled with hate.

After the Tucson shooting in 2011, the left made a big deal about the terrible incivility of the right. Obama even came to Tucson and gave a speech about the need for civility. The trouble is, the left never intended to rein in its own incivility. That crudeness to them is perfectly okay. Their goal was merely to shut down any opposition. Now they are moving to escalate their own crudeness towards violence, because no opposition to them can be tolerated.

And people wonder why I use the word fascism to describe this behavior.



  • LocalFluff

    Oh, the killing game would make it all very easy! I really hope the left starts it, that for once they act according to their words.

  • Garry

    When every other word you use is a curse word, you know that your audience will understand at least half of what you say.

  • Edward

    It has already started, with the killing of police officers, as incited by the Only Black Lives Matter groups. Yet there has been no outrage from the left or the news media (but I repeat myself). Lord only knows how many white civilians are already being murdered because of the Only BLM movement.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL9j_s_eLvU (7 minutes)

  • ken anthony

    They’ve always fantasized about having the red button (can’t find the video.)

    They have a losing argument, so violence is all they have.

  • Joe

    This so very much reminds me of the hate Palestinians teach their children, where do these supposedly educated people learn this hate, what circumstance causes all of this vitriol, is this from the brainwashing from the educational elite? I agree with Robert, this is fascism, I would like to understand what the end game is, some how I don’t think I want to know! Some how, the open society is not so open.

  • Joe: I am Jewish, and if you are Jewish you always know what the endgame is. Be warned.

  • Joe

    Robert, I have never understood why western media always support the PA, why the media are so dishonest in their hate, I have never understood anti semitism, what I do know is that I dislike those that are antisemitic, you have my full respect.

  • Laurie

    The rhetoric has fallen to a level where it is no longer an option to remain silent. All reasonable people need to repudiate such vitriol with firm rebuke.

  • Insomnius

    “We need to start killing people.”
    You mean other Americans?

    Oh yeah!?

    “We need to start protecting people.”
    Americans protecting other Americans. I think we are in the majority here.
    Not them.

    It’s so simple. With the MSM having been compromised, it should be easier to point out their obvious hypocrisy. Those poor libtards, they are like contradiction machines.

  • Liz

    Is this not inciting radicalism and brainwashing to do harm to others without due cause? Where is Homeland security? This is an act of terrorism. Black lives do not matter any more than elf lives or dog’s lives or plant’s lives or and other color or species and the more they harp it out, the more the response will become: “no they don’t matter”. These are low life do nothings who have nothing better to do and are part of the narcotic entitlement generation of idiots……Homeland security? Please have her removed as a threat to the American people and left on an iceberg nearest the south pole… thank you

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