“We’re just not interested in continuing to support bureaucracies and talkfests.”

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Canada to the UN environmental movement: “We’re just not interested in continuing to support bureaucracies and talkfests.”

The country has pulled out of a UN program supposedly aimed at “combating desertification,” noting that

only 18% of the roughly CAD$350,000 per year that Canada contributed to the U.N. initiative is “actually spent on programming,” [Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper] told Parliament this week during question period. “The rest goes to various bureaucratic measures. … It’s not an effective way to spend taxpayers’ money.”

As is their normal approach to debate, there is a lot of wailing, gnashing of teeth, and name-calling among the environmentalists, but no substantive response to counter Harper’s point above.



  • Lois Johnson

    Thanks for this. Finally someone is saying something sensible and acting on it. A lot of tax dollars go to promote causes that have no real infrastructure. It is also tiring to hear these “apples to bananas” arguments. What does mining in Canada have to do with desertification in semi-arid regions?

  • D. K. Williams

    Happy to see that at least one leader on this continent has some damn sense.

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