“When EPA is not ignoring Supreme Court limitations on it, it is blithely disregarding rule-making laws required of it.”

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The story that has the quote above outlines the EPA’s recent and past history of ignoring the law and court rulings to write and impose its regulations. It also details the many times the environmental agency has used its ability to impose fines to extort concessions from private landowners, including the recent Colorado mine disaster.

Like the IRS, the EPA has become an out-of-control agency, a haven for fascists eager to use their power to squelch anyone that opposes them. With the former, this power is used by partisan Democrats to help the Democratic Party and hurt its opponents. With the latter, this power is used to destroy private property rights in the name of leftwing environmental fantasies, even if that use of power ends up doing terrible damage to the environment.



  • hondo

    Civil Service (Fed, State and Local) became a magnet for the left after the ’60s.
    You can include Education in that category. They are heavily in control of the bureaucracy regardless of Administration or Congress. They show their hand often enough – far more so with this current admin.

    Other than a complete overhaul of Civil Service, nothing can effectively be done at this time.

  • pzatchok

    I have a question about this mine.

    The EPA ordered a plug years ago to be placed in the mine to keep water from getting out and people from getting in. Now years later they find the plug is leaking, because surprise, hydrostatic pressure is a biatch and they discovered that water will eventually find its way even through rock.

    You would think they would have to pump out all the water then remove the plug. And since there is NO WAY to keep water out of the mine, instead find away to reduce the time that the water stays in the mine. Like making a great drain system so the water has little time and area to come in contact with the mine.

    But wait.
    Have they proved the heavy metals are coming out of the mine or are they being sucked out of the surrounding rocks and deposited in the mine? Then coming out.
    They could end up filling the whole mine with cement and still have the problem of the water sucking the heavy metals out of the surrounding rock and taking it to the river eventually.

    The thing with gold mines is that there are always heavy metals present in the gold bearing rocks.

  • pzatchok

    Make it so all fines and penalties, including construction stoppages, are first approved by a judge.

    Its not perfect but its one more hoop they have to jump through.
    Think of it as them having to prove guilt first.

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