When Lois Lerner worked for the FEC she offered to drop a case against a conservative if he promised never to run for office again.

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Working for the Democratic Party: When IRS thug Lois Lerner worked for the FEC she offered to drop a case against a conservative running for the Senate if he promised never to run for office again.

The conservative refused, and the case went to court, where all charges were dismissed. Nonetheless, the conservative subsequently decided that the harassment from the government, which also included a visit from the FBI, was not worth it, and has not run for office since.

In other words, Lerner’s harassment worked, to the benefit of the Democratic Party.



  • jwing

    Why isn’t Lerner being indicted?

    Why is there such a blatant double standard for those in government, both politicians and “unionized” government employees?

    What ever happened to the rule of law instead of the rule of man and pop-culture’s teflon protection of the celebrity class?

  • Publius 2

    She might yet be indicted, because she botched her 5th Amendment claim by preceding it with a statement that she did “nothing wrong.” The move was so incompetent it surprised even the committee chairman, who has decided to recall her. What he should do, with her and every other administration witness short of Clinton and Holder, is grant her immunity. That means she can’t be prosecuted for what she did during her tenure, but she can no longer hide behind the 5th Amendment, and if she answers falsely she opens herself to contempt of Congress and perjury. That’s the way to get to the bottom of all this. The question is, does the GOP leadership have the (courage) to find out the truth?

  • Pzatchok

    Grant her immunity ONLY if she will absolutely finger someone hired up then her.

    Otherwise jail her on the testimony of those below her.

    Trade for immunity. Don’t just give it away with a pile of hope.

  • D. K. Williams

    No immunity useless absolutely necessary.

  • jwing

    Or she will just wait on full paid leave until Obama issues her a Presidential Pardon at the end of his last term.

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