When will SpaceX launch the upgraded Falcon 9? We have competing news stories:

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When will SpaceX launch the upgraded Falcon 9? We have competing news stories:

  • The Canadian Space Agency sent out a press release today saying Cassiope will launch on September 15 on its Falcon 9 rocket.
  • Elon Musk sent out a twitter report of yesterday’s static fire test, noting there were anomalies and that the launch date is still to be determined.

This is very puzzling. That the Canadian release was sent out today suggests that they have information we don’t have about the static fire test and thus knew they could announce the launch date. That Musk is more circumspect however suggests that the information the Canadians have is not correct.

Update: Stephen Clark at Spaceflight Now has more information. It appears the launch will not happen on Sunday, as SpaceX plans a second launchpad static test tomorrow to iron out the unexplained “anomalies” in yesterday’s static test.



  • Don

    Just as I indicated here a few days ago, something was amiss. And still is in that they need another static test.

  • Tim

    Unfortunate, but understandable that if something be amiss, it NEEDS to be fixed.
    It is a DEV flight after all and it’s main purpose to see if reaches orbit.
    Cassiope is aware and was given a heckuva discount to be payload. A push to taxi a tardy satellite.
    I’m wondering if this delay will push next launch window back a ways. Like weeks!!
    After all, spacex isn’t the only launch provider at Vandy.

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