Whiskey in space!

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An experiment to test how whiskey ages in weightlessness is about to begin on ISS.

H-II Transfer Vehicle No. 5, commonly known as “Kounotori5” or HTV5, was launched on Wednesday from JAXA’s Tanegashima Space Center carrying alcohol beverages produced by Suntory to the Japanese Experiment Module aboard the International Space Station, where experiments on the “development of mellowness” will be conducted for a period of about one year in Group 1 and for two or more years (undecided) in Group 2.

Don’t worry, the astronauts on ISS won’t be getting drunk. After the test period is complete the samples will then returned to Earth, untasted, where they will then be compared with control samples.



  • Steve

    Some time in the future:

    “Aging whiskey in space has the strange effect of turning it into water.”

  • hondo

    Nice to see someone is thinking ahead to explore potential commercial space applications.

  • mark

    The Ardbeg distillery done something similar, but on a shorter time scale and much smaller volume via Nanoracks. I look forward to the first Brewer to do a batch of beer in space.


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