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Fascists: After several black employees in a television newsroom were horrified when they heard a photographer casually whistling the folk tune “Dixie”, the station management immediately clamped down and promised such evil will never be allowed to happen again!

On Thursday, two meetings were held with staffers and WBTV general manager Nick Simonette and news director Dennis Milligan. “We wanted the staff to know that we don’t tolerate things in the workplace that make people uncomfortable,” Milligan said. “We encourage people to come forward. I think it was handled in an appropriate way.”

I’m so glad. Now those black employees know that if anyone says anything at all that they disagree with — making them “uncomfortable” — all they have to do is complain and they can shut them up. Modern American freedom!



  • Nicholas Paizis

    I’d like to know if the photographer is allowed to be offended by this policy, or are only those who meet a certain profile allowed to take offense? Are we creating a caste system of the offendables and the unoffendables?

  • Shibes Meadow

    My friend, that ship sailed years ago. For at leat ten to fifteen years, it has been a firing offense to say or do anything, consciously or unconsciously, that offends anyone belonging to one of the following “specially protected” groups:

    1. Negroes
    2. Women
    3. Homosexuals (etc.)
    4. Muslims
    5. Other minority racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious groups

    Are you a member of a protected group? Take this simple test and find out. Answer Yes or No to the following questions:

    1. Am I white?
    2. Am I a sincere, orthodox Christian?

    A ‘Yes” answer to either question means you are NOT a member of a specially protected group. As such, your job, income, and personal life may be destroyed at will.

    The funny thing is that so many white, Christian people hate — and even deny — being white and/or Christian. White Christians are ashamed of what they are, and in fact hate themselves for being white and Christian, because they have been carefully programmed since birth to identify themselves and their fellow whites as racists, bigots, and haters. For example, you probably are reacting to these few simple words with feelings of hostility (toward me) and guilt (towards yourself).

    Until white, Christian people learn to overcome this programmed self-hatred, things will only get worse. Until white, Christian people learn to positively love themselves, and join forces to act in the best interest of themselves, the current spiral of racial animosity will continue to ratchet ever higher. The end of that spiral will be unpleasant for everyone.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Edward

    Oh dear. Up until now, I thought I could put the ‘don’t make anyone uncomfortable’ policy to my own advantage. Think of all the things that I would find uncomfortable: people telling me to shut up or stop whistling, people telling me that I lost my job (talk about job security!), people calling me names, people complaining about my talking (or texting) in the theater, advertisements in which the white male is too stupid to know the advantages of the product being advertised, etc.

    If it is forbidden to make anyone feel uncomfortable, then there would be quite the paradox: if the photographer were made to feel uncomfortable when he was told to shut up, then telling him to shut up would not be allowed. You can’t let him whistle, but you can’t tell him not to.

    It is fortunate for the Political Correctness Police that they have an escape from such a conundrum: the 14th Amendment does not apply. They may apply the rules unevenly, depending upon one’s race (doesn’t that make political correctness a racist policy?) or religion (violating the First Amendment as well as the purpose of America). Thus the paradox is avoided.

    Thus, I may be made into a victim at the whim of others, yet I don’t have the right to call myself a victim, as I am not among the protected class.

    To quote Kenneth Davis’s book “Don’t Know Much About The Civil War,” “And you thought the Civil War was over.”

    As for Nicholas’s “unoffendables” comment, I am reminded of the “untouchables” in India. Pretty much the same concept: a caste of second class citizenship.

  • Cotour

    Liberals / Marxists need and in fact exacerbate and increase that racial tension where ever and when ever the opportunity presents itself. Obama to his credit is playing it to the max. You have to give the devil his due. I have actually come to admire him for it. I totally disagree with him about his conclusions, but I admire his ability to prevail to the degree he has prevailed. And I believe that I understand his perspective and how he comes to his conclusions, and still I disagree with his conclusions. But there it is and he has been elected to the presidency twice.

    They must have racial tension, its all they have to remain relevant. What am I saying to remain relevant, to be relevant.

    Trevon Martin, Fergason MO, hands up, don’t shoot, “that could have been me”, Al Sharpton, Reverend Right, Saul Alinski, Rules For Radicals, “you didn’t build that”, the nuclear empowering of Iran, the empowering of Russia by weakening America, Frank Marshal Davis, Mr. Marx himself, etc, etc. Its all there and it tells the story, let no one be naive.

  • Cotour

    This is an extension of “community organizing”, and this is the ultimate accelerated result desired.


    My hope is that when this eventually happens the “new” inhabitants come to understand where the power both economically and militarily come from, the Constitution and capitalism. And those politicos who endeavor to control them them find that the “new” people realize this and in time reject their overseers, throw them out and reconnect with the power that has created this America that we find ourselves in and America will be reborn anew.

    I can dream, unless that has now been banned.

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