White student supports/attends Mike Brown event and is attacked

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Feel the liberal love! This story epitomizes nicely the hate, violence, and incoherence of the race-baiters behind the entire Mike Brown death:

A young white man and student of Saint Louis University named Chris Schaefer attended a meeting of Ferguson protestors at St. Mark’s church. The church acts as a safe house for the organizing protestors.

Apparently while there, Mr. Schaefer began recording the meeting; or at least he was perceived to be recording the meeting. The mob, who ironically demand all police wear body cameras, did not like the thought of their meeting being recorded – so they attacked him.

Schaefer attended the event as a strong supporter of Mike Brown. He still was attacked, his cell phone grabbed, and the recordings on it deleted, by a woman with academic and left wing activist credentials as well as her own criminal rap sheet.



  • joe

    This looks more like a communist event than a racial inequities event to me, this does not appear to be about skin color at all, this is some form of anarchism.

  • Pzatchok


    Idiot liberal white boys. Falling for the scam.

  • Edward

    As I said about the initial reaction in Ferguson, in August, “I am unimpressed with the reaction of the townspeople.”

    Law and order do not seem to be within their set of values. What were they afraid would be said at that meeting that they didn’t want it recorded? And their violent reaction shows that they do not teach their children how to handle conflict (perhaps not any other situation, either). It is small wonder that Mike Brown got violent with the shopkeeper as well as with the police officer.

    Yet the news media and political leaders only encourage such bad behavior rather than discouraging it. Had the media and other leaders been critical of this violence, then the townspeople likely would have greatly toned down their reaction, and others around the country would also likely learn the lesson of reduced violence.

    Amazingly, the media and our leaders talk as though they are against violence and bullying, but when push comes to shove, their actions betray their true values.

    I am unimpressed with the people of Ferguson, the news media, and our leaders.

  • Edward

    Apparently, it is getting to the point of the ridiculous:

    “The Ferguson group also wants protesters to be able to throw water bottles at police without retribution (not kidding)”

    “Demanding that cops be tolerant of lawbreakers apparently somehow advances the cause of ‘justice’ better than asking for protesters to be tolerant of laws. Go figure.”

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