WHO fakes data to claim weedkiller causes cancer

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Par for the course: IARC, the agency of the World Health Organization (WHO) that focuses on cancer research, has apparently faked data so that it could make the claim — in opposition to every other published paper in the world — that a commonly used weedkiller causes cancer.

This detail about the man in charge might explain what happened:

The chairman of the IARC sub-group tasked with reviewing evidence of glyphosate’s effect on laboratory animals was Charles Jameson, an American toxicologist. In testimony as part of personal-injury lawsuits against Monsanto in the United States, Jameson told lawyers for Monsanto he did not know when, why or by whom the edits had been made.

Monsanto is facing multiple legal claims in the U.S. from plaintiffs who allege glyphosate gave them or their loved ones cancer. Jameson is an expert witness for the plaintiffs. He did not respond to questions for this article. [emphasis mine]

If you want to read the whole ugly story, go to the second link above. This report cites numerous examples where IARC clearly fudged their reports to hide the fact that their conclusions were consistently debunked by other research.



  • Dick Eagleson

    This seems to be nearly a carbon copy of the now-infamous medical paper that first alleged a link between vaccines and autism. The doctor who wrote that, and who has been subsequently stripped of his medical license, was looking for big payoffs from litigation too.

  • Chris

    If memory serves, a semi-frequent guest on the Batchelor show, Dr Henry Miller, has told this or a similar story, I believe. Dr Miller, formerly of the FDA relayed something like 600 (or more as I forget the exact number) tests involving glyphosate were available. These were submitted to a UN panel. Only three were considered that had the carcinogen outcome desired. In addition, background on the panel showed that they did not have honest scientific inquiry in mind, but were all or most involved in groups opposed to this pesticide or pesticides in general. This study was then used in labeling glyphosate as a carcinogen in California. As I recall this is why you get the 14 page label on the bottle.
    I can’t find the episode but that’s what I recall

  • Phill O

    The most dangerous chemical solvent in the world will never be banned even when it accounts for the largest numbers of deaths annually, and literally, hundreds of thousands of deaths. In relation, agricultural chemicals are almost insignificant.

    I do not know of any chemical that is not dangerous! The worst carcinogens I know of are found in peanuts; particularly organic peanuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wayne

    Phill O–
    I’m intrigued, what is “the most dangerous chemical solvent?”

  • Phill O

    wayne Dihydrogen monoxide. Killed the most people and is a very useful chemical solvent. Hazard is not always related to toxicity. Potatoes would not be permitted as a food stuff by today’s science.

  • wayne

    Phill O

  • Edward

    Phill O,
    Not dihydrogen monoxide!?! O. M. G.! I’ve been checking around and have found that it contaminates virtually everything.

    It is in the water that comes out of my faucets. It is in bottled water. It even contaminates the distilled water that I use in my iron.

    There are trace amounts in the air that we breathe, the food we eat and in many cleaning agents. It is in so many household products that it is impossible to escape.

    I have been told that it is even inside my own body! Oh, no; I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die.

    I can only hope that it is like selenium, small amounts are healthy — even necessary — but is only fatal in large doses.

    Less sarcastically:
    They did this same thing to DDT. One book with poor science (was it even science?) reported that DDT had ill effects. DDT was then banned in most places around the world. This has resulted in tens of millions of deaths by malaria alone, virtually all of which could have been prevented by using DDT.

    Dick Eagleson wrote about the alleged link between vaccines and autism. Because of that report, vaccines were “fixed,” however autism is worse than ever. This means that that phony report caused a delay of a decade or two in the search for the real cause of autism.

    Poor science and phony scares cause a lot of harm:

  • wayne

    If we can save just one child…

    Remy: People Will Die!

    Ref: DDT, banned on order of William Ruckleshouse if I recall correctly, head of the newly created Nixon EPA. (If Bill Gates wants to fight Malaria, he should mass produce DDT.)

  • Phill O

    Edward Right on man!

  • Laurie

    As my wife says, there are no good guys. Life experience tells me to be skeptical regarding any claims, chiefly claims of safety – particularly where so much money is at stake.

    Sigh … these aren’t the causes we’re looking for .. move along … (!)

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