Why conservatives should have no regrets dumping Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate.

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Why conservatives should have no regrets dumping Mitch McConnell as the Republican leader in the Senate.

I have had very mixed feelings about McConnell, and was unsure about whether the campaign to get rid of him made sense, until I read this article. The author is devastating, very effectively noting that even though McConnell has generally been very conservative in his votes as a senator, as a leader he has routinely supported the election of RINOs over conservatives.

As the man who helps steer lobbyist dollars to get candidates elected, you all think McConnell is a solid conservative. [Then] why is he steering dollars and support to men like Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Trey Grayson, David Dewhurst, and Bob Bennett? McConnell may be voting the way you all want on the votes that matter to you, but he is clearly and indisputably working to get other men elected whose votes you’d despise in states where more conservative challengers could easily win and have won.

Fortunately, all of McConnell’s candidates above eventually lost, and we got instead Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, names that have very effectively changed the political landscape by tilting it in a conservative direction. In other cases, however, McConnell’s candidates won, and thus we have guys like Jeff Flake, a Republican in name only, producing a profound lack of unity in the Republican party.

Getting rid of McConnell would tilt that landscape even more so in a conservative direction, and might finally give the Republicans the balls to really fight this fight instead of squabbling among themselves.



  • Cotour

    McConnell, McCain, Boehner etc, etc, Obama will serve his long term purpose by forcing the people to confront what amounts to the peoples responsibility to replace / retire them and install the people that will do what needs to be done. Obamas operation starkly illustrates the failings of the opposing party to the people, without Obama they get to go along to get a long.

    Thank you Barry, we could not have done it without you :)

  • Cotour

    Trey Goudy, doing what he was elected to do, confront the president when the president acts outside of his offices powers. The president understands well the limits of his powers and pushes knowing very well those limits.


    This is the push and pull that must go on and when it does not go on then the people that are elected to do so must be replaced with those that understand and are willing to execute their fiduciary responsibilities as per the Constitution. No matter what.

  • wade

    Yuck. Yet tasteful…..yuck. Look at what is Going on Here.

  • wade

    I cannot say my Political Dislike for McConnell and his Ilk. Yet, in my “opinions” they are Still ilk. This weekend , I am attending a “beer bash ” with a local state Rep and his “crowd”, of mixed Party stance, that All “pretend” to be Conservative. Some are Genuine. Yet the majority of party goers only “talk the walk”

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