Why doctors are bailing out of health insurance

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Why doctors are bailing out of health insurance.

And yes, Obamacare is a major reason, though not the entire reason. It is instead the worst symptom of an on-going philosophical failure that goes back decades.



  • While I agree that the medical industry in this country, and in the Western world in general, is FUBAR, I would argue that providers’ opting for a cash-based business model isn’t “the worst symptom of an on-going philosophical failure . . .”. That would be the majority belief that one MUST have health insurance to access medical care. People have been brainwashed into dependence on insurance companies, and ultimately the State, for something they can, and should, do for themselves. Witness the way many people consider contraceptives to be an entitlement.

    I expect that as more providers move to a cash business model, there will be increasing pressure on legislative bodies to prohibit or severely restrict the practice. Those measures will be cloaked in the language of ‘fairness’. Then the trickle of health care provider exodus will become a torrent. If people wanted government dictating how they practiced their profession, they’d go into teaching.

  • joe

    I think the government in health care is what made healthcare fubar, maybe we should just say that auto repair and transportation should be an entitlement, or housing, Oh wait, if your the right class it is, let some other poor slob pay for it, this is not what the founding fathers had in mind with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, In the end this is the fault of the non thinking citizen that blindly keeps re-electing these senators and congressmen and not holding their feet to the fire, Alexis De Tocqueville had it right, when citizens can vote their pocketbook the will (paraphrased).

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