Why history professor Erik Loomis should be fired.

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Why history professor Erik Loomis should be fired.

The man is a perfect example of leftwing civility, eagerly encouraging violence and imprisonment against anyone who simply disagrees with him about gun control. He also illustrates typical leftwing hypocrisy, as only two years ago he self-righteously accused the right of somehow causing the Tucson shooting because of what he called its “violent right-wing rhetoric” (while failing to cite even one example).



  • Dale Martin

    I suffered from this sort of instructor in college, and I did tell them what I thought of their somewhat looney ideas. I still got high grades because I kept it civil and did not indulge in violent rhetoric…at least I think that was the reason. This professor is obviously not sane, just my opinion, so look at what he says and decide for yourselves……There is something bothering these sorts of ideologues about self defense and arms, I cannot say what sort of pathologies cause this as I am not a Psychiatrist, but there is an air of some problem with this type of person that is at the same time self-rightous and condescending, with a little pathology evident….


  • Dan Blevins

    Sandy Hook was a Christmas present for Democrats.
    Democrats pretend concern for the victims as they politically exploit every tragedy.
    Democrats are so eager to exploit tragedies they even manufactured Operation Fast and Furious as an excuse to further infringe upon the 2nd Amendment.
    Firearms are the least dangerous thing a mass murder can use to kill. They are difficult to transport, must be aimed at each victim separately and hit a vital organ.
    Anti-gun laws actually encourage crime and cause people to be raped and murdered by making them helpless.

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