Why I use Linux, part 3,453,333

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A woman has won $10,000 in damages from Microsoft for its attempt to upgrade her computers to Windows 10, without her permission.

I suppose one could argue that this is a reason to keep Windows, as you’d have a chance to win a jackpot from them in court. I prefer to be able to do the work I want to do, without harrassment.



  • Orion314

    funny, I’ve been running Win 7 for years , never had a prob with the forced update to win10 , I just did not install the last win 7 update

  • “I just did not install the last win 7 update.”

    This demonstrates why Microsoft products are really not good products to use. They have created a situation where you are encouraged to not run the most recent version containing the most up-to-date security upgrades (which with Windows are definitely needed considering the system’s poor design).

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