Why is Wikipedia deleting all references to Neil Tyson’s quote fabrications?

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Link here. Key quotes:

Judging by many of the responses to the three pieces I wrote detailing Neil Tyson’s history of fabricating quotes and embellishing stories, you’d think I had defamed somebody’s god. It turns out that fanatical cultists do not appreciate being shown evidence that the object of their worship may not, in fact, be infallible.

And this:

These lovers of science don’t actually love science, because science requires you to go where the evidence takes you, even if it goes against your original hypothesis. What many of Tyson’s cultists really like is the notion that one can become more intelligent via osmosis — that you can become as smart and as credentialed as Tyson by merely clapping like a seal at whatever he says, as long as what he says fits the political worldview of your average progressive liberal.

The author, Sean Davis, provides some juicy quotes from these individuals, who all seem unable to appreciate the importance of honesty, accuracy, and reliability when it comes to science and journalism.



  • Cotour

    Once you are on board, you are on board and let no man say a word against what it is that you believe to be true.

  • Kelly Starks

    Does seem to be the current standard. un-PC facts (PC to whatever topic it is under conversation) are removed, or unseen.

    One of my classics was when folks were accusing Paul Ryan of accusing Obama of not doing anything to keep open a GM plant in Janesville Wisconsin, he promised during his first campaign tour he would. Everyone insisted the plant closed before Obama took office. NYT, etc all insisted… It took me 5 min on the web to find the Janesville paper and GM history site articles showing it had closed spring of Obama’s first year in office. NYT etc didn’t even do that much investigation?

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