Why Obama spied on Trump

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Link here. The article sums up the evidence that now exists that shows that not only was a Trump campaign manager wiretapped, officials in the Obama administration use national security laws to instigate other spying against their political opponent, and then lied about it repeatedly when caught.

Last week, CNN revealed (and excused) one phase of the Obama spying operation on Trump. After lying about it on MSNBC, Susan Rice admitted unmasking the identities of Trump officials to Congress.

Rice was unmasking the names of Trump officials a month before leaving office. The targets may have included her own successor, General Flynn, who was forced out of office using leaked surveillance. While Rice’s targets weren’t named, the CNN story listed a meeting with Flynn, Bannon and Kushner. Bannon was Trump’s former campaign chief executive and a senior adviser. Kushner is a senior adviser. Those are exactly the people you spy on to get an insight into what your political opponents plan to do.

Now the latest CNN spin piece informs us that secret FISA orders were used to spy on the conversations of Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. The surveillance was discontinued for lack of evidence and then renewed under a new warrant. This is part of a pattern of FISA abuses by Obama Inc. which never allowed minor matters like lack of evidence to dissuade them from new FISA requests.

There’s more. Read it all. In my youth, people would have quickly gone to prison for this abuse of power, because in my youth, members of both political parties were wise enough to know that to let this kind of abuse go unpunished would expose them to worse evils. And they knew they would be first targets should those evils arrive. Today, the political class is generally corrupt, and doesn’t understand the hell it is building for itself.



  • wayne

    Just to back this all up;
    Mark Levin took a beating 6 months ago, when he reported on what the NYT reported, about 2 separate FISA requests, one of which was granted and the result was “incidental-surveillance” on Trump, and the subsequent unmasking by Susan Rice.
    Fake-News, primarily CNN, claimed that Levin was “insane,” and a “radical conspiracy theorists,” among other smears, now CNN has the “breaking-exclusive.”

    Mark has free access to yesterday’s (19th) episode-334 of LevinTV on CRTV. No sign up, totally free.

    “CNN Lied, the Government Spied, and Mark told you so”

    highly recommend!

  • Orion314

    It is time for a really bad person to die. Who or How does not matter. Do we really now live in a world where the more evil you are , the better life is? Seems so to me. I’m sick of feeling life is hopeless. We have a POTUS who pledged to drain the swamp , but clearly nothing short of whole scale slaughter of the bad people on a Caligula scale is going to put a dent in it .
    Our system of justice only exists for the poor slaves who commit crimes. The rich are untouchable. I’m ready to slit throats by the car load, but we need a leader. Who is that leader? and no, it sure is hell is not me.

  • wayne

    I empathize quite a bit with your feelings. I’m pretty much resigned to a potential future where we will be forced to go all-kinetic on these people.

    I still have hope in an Article 5 and have been helping with that effort. It’s just so slow and I fear we are already over the edge.

  • Keith

    Why doesn’t Jeff Sessions do anything about these abuses ?
    He is the biggest disappointment of the new administration to me.

    I guess that I see why all the Democrats were upset a few months ago when people were suggesting Trump can Sessions,

  • Joe

    Mark Levin a conspiracy nut job, that’s so laughable it’s not funny, why are the republicans and the few decent deems not pushing for jail time for these crimes, I wil echo Wayne, Keith and Orion’s sentiments, the world is upside down!

  • wodun

    Obama engaged in corruption and abuse of power unseen in modern history, perhaps even our country’s history. He went to wars without congressional approval with disastrous consequences, assassinated Americans without due process, spied on the press, jailed whistle blowers, spied on Jewish groups, targeted dissidents for abuse by government agencies, funneled government funds and organizational resources to Democrat activists, sold guns to drug cartels so the violence could be used as justification to ban guns in the USA, and even engaged in widespread surveillance of Presidential candidates and their staff.

    At every step, the Obama administration used fake email accounts to bypass accountability, destroyed evidence in investigations, used the DOJ to prevent any legal accountability, and enjoyed a media that aided and abetted all of these actions.

    Then we could talk about the organized violence from OWS and other Democrat activist groups.

    History wont be kind to Obama but that is only if the communists don’t take complete control and erase history.

  • Cotour


    The Obama administration and Susan Rice was “concerned” about sharing secure intelligence information with incoming Trump administration people like Lieutenant General Michael Flynn who served in the U.S. Army for 33 years.


    But the Obama administration (And Susan Rice) never had “concerns” about selling 20 percent of American uranium fuel reserves to the Russians nor were they “concerned” with funneling $150 billion dollars plus no one knows how many billions in pallets of cash delivered in the dark of night to the Iranian government which they would certainly use to fund terror activities and to build their own nuclear program along with an agreement that would ensure the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.

    On balance who would you trust? In the end there are consequences to elections, remember that in future elections. Obama surrounded himself with many treacherous ladies and I do not think its because of their raw abilities I think it might be more about Obama’s weakness and need to have obedient and non threatening (To him) Leftist minions.

  • Cotour


    Mr. Obama and his organization / administration proclaimed that his would be the most transparent administration ever in American history. The reality was very, very different, as a matter of fact the Obama administration was the most secretive, deceptive and “Fundamentally” un American in American history. And that secrecy continues into his retirement and his activities to come in the future as evidenced by this article below.


    Obama makes a speech at MIT and anyone who attends is FORBIDDEN to share any information about the content of his speech and his plans for the future. I think we can all take a wild guess what those plans would be all about. The only other contemporary political figure who did the same was….D.J.Trump? No, Trump just says what he says and that’s that, no secrecy no threats of excommunication.

    The only other contemporary politician who would say one thing in public and controlled what could be disseminated about her “secret” speeches was Hillary Clinton when she spoke behind closed doors to Goldman Sachs and the like. Does anyone see a pattern here?

    And what is so dangerous about this event and these people? No one has shared any of his speech content either in video or text. The Left and its soldiers in the media are very, very obedient, they march as one. Something to think about.

    The Republicans are just dumb and scattered, but the Democrats are now the party against America, how anyone identifies as one or votes as one is a scary mystery to me. Be afraid.

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