Why you must never buy a used smartphone

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Link here. Essentially, the phone will often be stolen, and will inevitably be blocked, leaving you with a brick.

Posted from the airport in Madrid, awaiting my flight to Israel. I am also sitting here enjoying some fantastic European airport fast food, far better than one sees in the U.S. Lox and anchovies with cream cheese on a wonderful piece of flatbread. I had a similar experience flying through Italy a few years ago. In this area the Europeans have Americans beat.



  • It’S a mystery to me why US airports don’t showcase local cuisine. Some do a better job than others. There was (and still may be) a great BBQ place in the Memphis terminal, and if you search you can get a Chicago dog in Midway, but mostly it’s the same over-priced, generic food everywhere.

  • Garry

    I couldn’t agree more, Blair.

    I’m always amused at the section in Tokyo Station (train) that features fresh local specialties from all over Japan. A businessman goes on a trip, and is obligated to buy something for his co-workers / family. He doesn’t have any time during the trip, so after getting off the train upon his return to Tokyo, he stops by the table for the place he just came from and picks up one of the local specialties, probably fresher than it would be had he bought it locally.

    Genius, and the logistical nightmares are only exceeded by the outrageous profits!

  • Robert Pratt

    D/FW and Houston’s G.Bush have good food selections including local/regional outlets.

  • DJN

    As a buyer of multiple used phones over the years, the article could be just like a thousand others warning “Never buy a used (insert item here)” Yep, craiglist can be dicey but you can do the transaction meeting the seller in the local branch store of your carrier. They will verify the phone. Ebay and Amazon are very good, and often less money than Craigslist.

    +1 on DFW. Love that Pappadeux in Americans terminal.

  • bernie

    ebay scores sellers based on rating by buyers, and doesn’t tolerate user fraud…I have purchased everything from $1 items to cars on the site without any issues, and just bought a used iphone5 for $70 this week…that’s not to say i can know the thing wasn’t stolen, but i can count on it being in a condition and usable as described, or else i do have recourse, including full refund if it would come to that…

    i’m new here…apollo 8 was both a fascinating mission and time…i was 9 and following along with walter on tv…i hear different stories from time to time, but my understanding is that this was originally meant to do what apollo 9 then did the next time up, an earth-orbital rendevous/docking wring-out, but was accelerated to get to the moon on fears (well, concerns) the soviets had something going and that we might miss another first…that makes this perhaps the riskiest mission undertaken- particularly as they had no lem, which saved the later apollo 13 crew

  • Edward

    You are correct about Apollo 8. Robert has a book called “Genesis” (see the banner on the right), which I bought around 2002, long before I found this site. It is excellent, and I reread it last year.

    Another aspect about Apollo 8 is that the Lunar Module (LM) was not going to be ready to fly in time for Apollo 8’s planned LM test flight, so the decision to fly to the Moon did not upset its test schedule. Apollo 8 would otherwise have had to fly later than planned. Interestingly, Jim Lovell was aboard both Apollo 8 (command-module pilot) and Apollo 13 (mission commander).

  • bernie: You should read the book, Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8. Rather than guessing it will answer all your questions about the mission. And it’s for sale here cheap!

    I also hear that the author is pretty good too. :)

  • wayne

    I’ve been waiting for a chance to link to this:

    Robert Zimmerman –
    “The Future of Space Exploration & Apollo 8”
    The Moore Show: May 2013

    Give a listen, and then order the book!
    (I was fortunate to witness the launch of Apollo 8 as a kid, the most spectacular thing I ever saw.)

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