Widespread Yellow Vest protests in France

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The “Yellow Vest” protests in France appear to be expanding, with numerous protests appearing to take place today throughout the country.

The reasons for these protests are complex, but they appear mostly rooted in a growing distrust of and contempt for the status quo French ruling class, which like the U.S. ruling class has not served its citizenry well in the past two decades, from either side of the political spectrum.

The response of the leftist Macron French government to these protests, which have been on-going for the past two months?

On February 5th the National Assembly passed a new law to restrict protests, a law pushed by President Macron and his party “La Republic En Marche”.

It would give local authorities the right to exclude specific people from protesting and allow judges to ban protests entirely.

I am not surprised that the protests have grown since this law was passed. It goes against every principle of western civilization, and can only spark outrage.



  • Col Beausabre

    1. The French elite class makes the US version look like average Joes. Once admitted into one the “Geand Ecoles” you will spend the rest of your life bouncing from the government bureaucracy to the state owned “National Champions” and your kids will have an inside track to attend the schools as well (you will have married within the class as well)
    2. Every French schoolchild is taught “Ca Ira” and the revolutionary song may be heard again on the streets of Paris as the tumbrels once more rattle towards the guillotine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=877R5K51ljU
    3. Is it time for a Napoleonic “Whiff of grapeshot ? Which way will the army jump? Keep your eye on what’s going on with the Legion Etranger – if they are moving near Paris and getting riot gear. While the metropolitan troops may not shoot on fellow Frenchmen, the Legionaires profess their loyalty to the Legion, not France. (Remember the OAS)

  • wayne

    France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests rage into 13th week
    Straits Times 2-9-19

  • Phill O

    The French underground: Gotta love it and the tenacity of the people. The leaders surrendered to Hitler, but the grassroots were strong. I would like to see a revolution in North America against the leftist fascists now. Southern NM is set now with the far left governor just elected!

  • wayne

    well, it depends which element of the “yellow vests,” to which you are referring. Not all these groups participating in the protest’s, have anyone’s best-interests at heart…

    The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man (Official Lyric Video)

  • Tom Billings

    “It goes against every principle of western civilization, and can only spark outrage.”

    Unfortunately, no.

    It goes against every principle of limited government from the rules of Common Law, which evolved in Britain.

    It strongly favors the legal tradition derived from the “Laws of Justinian”, which have dominated Continental Europe’s legal system for 1500 years. This imperial legal tradition is *far* more comfortable with doing anything and everything to keep those who rule today in power, rather than limiting their power. This is yet another sad reminder of why Britain should get through Brexit from the EU as fast as possible.

  • Phill O

    The politicians will do anything to keep power. Character assassination is the first step.

  • insomnious

    These protests will only grow stronger with the spring weather and well into summer. The past few weeks they have been extending the protests well into the night. Remember they only do this one day a week. What happens if they decide to do more than that?

    Vive la France

  • A US version could call itself “Yellow Jackets,” after a dangerous and commonplace hornet. “Yellow Vests” sounds like a bunch of guys smoking cigars and drinking scotch…

  • William Barton: I have been wondering if “Yellow Vest” has actually been a poor translation, and “Yellow Jacket” would be a more correct translation of the French.

  • commodude

    I seem to recall the French going through this at least once before….does the gabelle sound familiar?

    Tonight, the part of the Bourbon Monarchs will be played by Emmanuel Macron. The only questions seem to be who is the Napoleon in their midst to put down the rebellion, and will it be Toulon or Paris?

  • Col Beausabre

    Don’t forget 1968 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_1968_events_in_France….Allons, Citoyens !

  • wayne

    Col Beausabre-
    thanks for looking that up.

    Rolling Stones
    Street Fighting Man

    “Hey so my name is called Disturbance
    I’ll shout and scream,
    I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants…”

  • wayne

    ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests
    >Paul Joseph Watson December 2018
    -one mans view-

    tangentially– ever wonder why….. everyone in France, already owns a yellow vest??
    >If you own a car in France, you’re required to carry 2 yellow vests, at all times.
    (personally, in my trunk– a bag of kitty litter, small shovel, jumper-cables, and road flairs.)

  • My once fluentish French is about rusted solid, but while the most accurate translation of “gilet” might be “jerkin,” that’s fallen into disuse in English and “vest” has grown to cover most sleeveless outer garments. French for “jacket” is “jacquette,” from which the English word is derived. The hornet is called “guespe jaune” in French, which just means “yellow wasp.” Not so sure about that last. It’s been a long time since I lived in NH and spoke Joual French every day at work.

  • Col Beausabre

    I know it’s off topic, but one of the most popular pieces of gear the British army ever issued was a sleeveless, wool lined leather jerkin during the Kaiser War. It was so popular that when veterans were re-mobbed for the Hitler War, they demanded their jerkins and it proved just as popular among the sons as it had been for their fathers. That’s about the only use of the word “jerkin” I can think of in the 20th Century.

    “During the First World War, the British army issued brown leather jerkins to the troops as a measure to protect against the cold but to allow freedom of movement. These garments generally had four buttons and were lined with khaki wool. They were practical, hardwearing and extremely appreciated by officers and other ranks alike. By the time of the Second World War, the leather jerkins were still on issue to all the Commonwealth forces and were universally popular.”


  • ‘Behind The Black’: best forums on the ‘Net.

  • wayne

    totally, completely, off-thread:

    WKRP in Cincinnati
    S03E12 Venus and the Man

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