Will fewer humans in space lead to more robot explorers?

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Eric Berger at the Houston Chronicle asks: Will fewer humans in space lead to more robot explorers?

In a word, no. In the past fifty years, every time the budget of the manned space program has been cut, the unmanned program shrank as well. And every time the budget of manned space grew, so did the budget for unmanned missions.



  • i completely agree!!! we gotta always balance it out c/fe

  • Chris L.

    We’ve been having this argument since the beginning of the space age. While robot explorers are easier and cheaper to send, they are also easier to kill in a budget battle. Without the human element connected to the space program, public interest and support (and thus public money) dries up. It really is as simple as that.

  • Kelly Starks

    You’ld think after a half century of evidence folks would stop thinking this?

    Some folks don’t let reality get in the way of their fantasies.

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