Wisconsin spends $1.2 million defending “John Doe” prosecutors.

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Working for the Democratic Party: The State of Wisconsin has spent more than $1.2 million defending Democratic Party prosecutors who had instigated investigations against innnocent citizens merely because those citizens opposed that party’s agenda.

The courts have repeatedly ruled against those investigations, sometimes with very harsh words. Yet, the state continues to spend money defending them, even though the governor, Scott Walker, is a Republican and the state legislature is controlled by the Republican Party.

This quote from the article sums it up:

“They lost in the highest court in Wisconsin and they still won’t let go. And we are supposed to keep battling them on our dime while the taxpayers pick up the tab for them to harass us in court. And why is the state of Wisconsin paying legal fees for Milwaukee County officials who are being sued for violating people’s civil rights in a Milwaukee County investigation? Let Milwaukee County taxpayers pay to defend their corrupt public officials.”

If Scott Walker is serious about running for President, he should end the funding of these prosecutors now.



  • hondo

    Probably based on how the laws are written, the state may have no choice but to fund the defense.

    Its important to note that the laws being broken here are treated as procedural and civil and not criminal. Because of this, these prosecutors can laughingly blow them off and continue on with their actions. All they have to do is change a few words, and its back to court to see how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    Unless these actions are criminalized and treated as such, then there really is no hope – just a game of time.

  • Everything you say here might be true, but Scott Walker’s general silence and apparent lack of visible outrage during this whole scandal has been very revealing. I realize he tries to keep a cool-headed approach, but at a certain point abusive behavior like this demands a visible response of some kind.

  • Edward

    So much for victim’s rights.

    When the government itself is victimizing its own citizens, it is failing in its basic function of protecting them.

    These Wisconsin employees are criminals who should be fired, charged, and tried; not defended from their victims. Let these miscreant prosecutors defend themselves, as illegally persecuting Wisconsin citizens was not an action of performing their duties. Their indefensible, unconstitutinal, illegal actions were in opposition of their duties.

  • Tom Billings

    I think Walker may be carefully picking his fights where and when he can be observed to be making a difference. I doubt those places are in the Wisconsin court system. It has been dominated, especially in its lower ranks for decades, by progressives, and they will grind this out, no matter who is pushing. I think that is why he and the legislature made their push first and foremost against the public employee unions’ funding mechanisms and their donations to legislators while bargaining with said legislators over PEU salaries. Look how long that took. I am told there are still cases in the French court system from the 14th century. Wisconsin isn’t quite that bad, but it gives an idea about how long it can take.

  • “I think Walker may be carefully picking his fights…”

    Sure, I think that is the case as well. The problem is that since the first battle with the unions he has come off as simply too picky, almost gun shy. It would only have done him good politically to have publicly condemned these prosecutors for their over-reach, especially since the courts came down hard on them as well. Instead, Walker has been silent. I consider this to be lame and ineffective, not careful.

  • Garry

    I heard Mark Steyn on the radio for about 10 minutes today; he was saying that whereas Democrats push their agendas while in office, today’s Republicans are very timid, and don’t achieve significant change while in office. He mentioned Obamacare and gay marriage vs. W’s tax cuts, which expired after a time. He said that he can’t think of any major party in any western country that achieves less than the Republicans do.

    This ties in to what you’re saying about Walker, and also ties in to Trump’s popularity (for now).

    Hopefully, some of the candidates I haven’t given up on (Walker, Cruz, Rubio) will learn from this and tap into it.

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