“Witches, Jews And Climate Deniers”

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Link here. This is the introduction:

Throughout history, hate groups have looked for scapegoats to blame things on.

In the 16th century progressive hate groups blamed bad weather on witches, and burned tens of thousands of witches at the stake. In the 1930’s and 1940’s progressives put millions of Jews in gas chambers as scapegoats for Germany’s problems, and now progressive hate groups blame the weather on people who resist their climate scam. They want to criminalize and prosecute free speech and scientific inquiry.

It goes on from there, documenting the anger and hate and certainty of the pro-global warming crowd, and their increasing intolerance for any dissent, or any facts that counter their positions or certainty. Read it all. It is worth it.



  • Phill O

    If the logic is followed through, the AGW people should be in jail or worse for their scam. The article compares the lie the tobacco companies said to congress, but the comparison is really on themselves.

    This topic makes me soooo hotttt under the colar.

  • hondo

    In the end, the scapegoats are/were murdered.
    This is not just a game.

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