“With all due respect, I will not consent to a search without a proper warrant.”

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“My dad fought a war so this can never happen in America. I will not dishonor my father’s memory by giving up what he fought for. No, sir. With all due respect, I will not consent to a search without a proper warrant.”



  • joe

    Thanks for posting this Robert, more and more of these intrusions are being reported by pilots all of the time, AOPA has reported on a couple of these recently including one of a glider pilot that spent the night in jail for overflying a nuclear facility,( non powered flight looking for thermal lift on a joy flight), it seems as though the DHS and other federal agency’s need no reason to do this, contrary to popular belief, not all pilots are well to do, many are just normal people who are interested in flying as a hobby and who are just trying to have a good time. These are scary times in America when a government can pull up with guns and dogs and intimidate anyone they please, I think our founding fathers are rolling in there graves at these injustices!

  • Pilots are a pretty savvy group. The government has no idea what could happen if they awaken this group to action.

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