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Witness announces his team has hacked Georgia election runoff polling machines

During testimony today in Georgia investigating the possibility of election fraud on November 3rd, a witness announced that his team at that very moment had hacked into the voting machines being used for the Georgia senate runoff races and was communicating with the machines.

During a Senate hearing in Georgia over fraud in the 2020 presidential election, Jovan Pulitzer told the senate members, “At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we now have access to the devices through the poll pad — the system — but we are in.”

Pulitzer told the senators this should not be able to happen, but his team was has able to hack into the voting system and has documented evidence to prove it. Pulitzer said the machines are connected to the internet and two-way communication is occurring in real-time. “It’s receiving data and sending data,” he said.

When questioned, Pulitzer said the polling place his team hacked into is a physical location, not a mobile station. Pulitzer said his team has access to the data from the Georgia Senate runoff race from the polling station.

The article provides a link to his testimony. This proves that the owners of Dominion have been lying when they say their machines are not connected to the internet. It also shows how easy it would be to falsify the results. As the witness noted, if you can download the data from the machines you can change it and then upload it again, and if no one suspected you were doing it (or was willfully blind to your tampering) no one would ever find out.

All election results in Georgia are thus suspect. If nothing is done, that I would be astonished if either Republican candidates won their run-offs.

In fact, I think this comedy movie clip provides a perfect description of our modern American culture:

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  • Cotour

    (Lets Jeff F this)

    Jovan Pulitzer is obviously a Republican and is causing a fraud to be perpetrated on the Georgia legislature, this is what should be investigated and he should be jailed for this fraud!

    Jovan Pulitzer was also the well qualified technologist that offered to examine the ballots using Kinetics to detect simply whether they were ever folded, with a fraudulent ballot sent from China probably would not be. Among several other forms of examination.

    This is a good one also, Josh Hawley is attacked by an official at Walmart through their official Twitter account:

    Corporate America reveals their bias and ultimately their fealty to China.

    At what point will the Leftist millennial be identified and fired? Well not really fired.

  • Cotour

    Prescience: The fact of knowing something before it takes place.

    I am with Bannon, especially after the several events happening today in Georgia.

    And absolutely NONE of this is being presented in the MSM and Social Media. Not allowed.

    And if that fraudulent reality is allowed to prevail our country is over and done.

    The young bloods need to take care of business here.

  • Phill O

    Biden held Ukraine ransom for a billion bucks. The dems held the American people hostage for the foreign aide which kicks back to them through channels Biden is very familiar with. The republicans caved and (IMHO) must be getting the kickback also. Trump could not drain the swamp!

    Republicans know that the dems will get their allies to do massive riots should the GOP members do their job to their voters (IMHO).

    Hey, they have perfected this in Cook County for decades!

  • Alex Andrite

    “In fact, I think this comedy movie clip provides a perfect description of our modern American culture: ”

    Yes, but then we have such beautiful plumage …..
    I nominate the following to be added to the description of our current “culture”.
    What culture?

    The Monty Python Dead Parrot skit.

  • So just hack in and add 2 million ballots for the two republicans.

  • James Street

    Twenty-eight states and Puerto Rico used Dominion voting equipment in 2020. These states are:
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico
    New York

    Washington state went to 100% mail in ballots in 2011. Since then only a few RINOs have been elected to a state office.

  • Questioner

    Walmart – a fake “American” company insulted 74 million Trump voters!

    BUZZMAN CHRONICLE: “Ill never step foot in a walmart EVER FOR NOTHING”

    Brian McCoy: “Been done with Walmart. They sold out when their grandpa died. He would be rolling over in his grave.”

    Claus Idrogo: “Walmart made in China. Off course they don’t like Americans.”

  • pzatchok

    The Republic is lost.

    Buy ammo with your stimulus check.

    The Millennials are willing to give up ALL freedoms for security.
    They got health security by way of medical coverage from the government for free.
    They are close to getting education for free from the government.
    They are asking for free housing.
    They will be asking for a guaranteed job.
    They will also be asking for a free retirement check also.

    And for all that they just have to do as their appointed leaders tell them.

  • Questioner

    TRUMP Rushes to DC to STOP Biden Electoral Certification

    Exiting stuff will happen at 6.January!

  • Jeff Fauva

    GA has already conducted hand-recount audits of the vote. Why would this finding delegitimize the results of the audits?

    If there are questions about the runoffs, why would Georgia’s existing election integrity safeguards be insufficient?

  • Cotour


    Because it has been reliably demonstrated that these elections in Georgia have been operated and executed by corrupt Democrats in order to deliver a win to their candidate. It well understood.

    You may get this eventually.

  • Andrew_W

    . . and if no one suspected you were doing it (or was willfully blind to your tampering) no one would ever find out.

    Until they did a hand recount which would reveal such a hack, the recount was done, there was no hack.

  • pzatchok

    Which county did they recount and what computers were inspected?

    A hint they did NOT recount the whole of the state.

  • Andrew_W

    Because it has been reliably demonstrated that these elections in Georgia have been operated and executed by corrupt Democrats in order to deliver a win to their candidate. It well understood.

    All I’ve seen are fanatics who can’t get past their confirmation bias, and so far the courts have also not seen the claimed corruption.

  • pzatchok

    I want your SSN attached to each ballot and during a computer recount if even ONE ballot is found to not align with the paper ballot then a total hand recount is in order for ALL votes on the ballot.

    Instant checks to make sure illegals and multiple votes are not cast.

    This would also allow me to check to make SURE that my ballot was accounted for and tabulated correctly.

  • pzatchok

    Can not read it.

    but tell us if they recounted every ballot or just sampled them.

  • pzatchok

    Should we also mention Pennsylvania?

  • Andrew_W

    Can not read it.

    County-by-county counts

    Counties with a net gain for Biden
    DeKalb 308,140 58,369 629 69 Biden +560 votes
    Cobb 221,846 165,459 -30 -345 Biden +315 votes
    Dougherty 24,576 10,449 80 -37 Biden +117 votes
    Henry 73,276 48,187 83 -34 Biden +117 votes
    Bartow 12,092 37,674 7 -59 Biden +66 votes
    Chatham 78,254 53,237 62 11 Biden +51 votes
    Houston 32,232 41,534 30 -14 Biden +44 votes
    Jones 4,888 9,965 8 -25 Biden +33 votes
    Richmond 59,124 26,781 18 -14 Biden +32 votes
    Liberty 13,099 7,959 32 1 Biden +31 votes
    McDuffie 4,168 6,169 6 -23 Biden +29 votes
    Early 2,437 2,722 14 -13 Biden +27 votes
    Sumter 6,318 5,732 6 -17 Biden +23 votes
    Walker 5,769 23,174 1 -19 Biden +20 votes
    Calhoun 1,260 923 4 -12 Biden +16 votes
    Coweta 24,210 51,501 9 -7 Biden +16 votes
    Douglas 42,809 25,451 5 -5 Biden +10 votes
    Twiggs 2,044 2,370 4 -4 Biden +8 votes
    Irwin 1,008 3,134 4 -3 Biden +7 votes
    Telfair 1,487 2,825 4 -3 Biden +7 votes
    Long 2,033 3,528 4 -2 Biden +6 votes
    Monroe 4,384 11,060 4 -2 Biden +6 votes
    Washington 4,730 4,663 13 7 Biden +6 votes
    Morgan 3,355 8,230 2 -3 Biden +5 votes
    Bryan 6,739 14,244 0 -4 Biden +4 votes
    Bulloch 11,243 18,386 5 1 Biden +4 votes
    Worth 2,395 6,830 3 -1 Biden +4 votes
    Murray 2,302 12,943 3 0 Biden +3 votes
    Pulaski 1,217 2,805 14 11 Biden +3 votes
    Tift 5,322 10,784 1 -2 Biden +3 votes
    Candler 1,269 3,133 1 -1 Biden +2 votes
    Charlton 1,103 3,419 2 0 Biden +2 votes
    Lincoln 1,435 3,179 -4 -6 Biden +2 votes
    Oglethorpe 2,436 5,593 1 -1 Biden +2 votes
    Rabun 1,984 7,474 1 -1 Biden +2 votes
    Wilkes 2,160 2,823 1 -1 Biden +2 votes
    Colquitt 4,187 11,777 2 1 Biden +1 vote
    Dodge 2,171 5,843 1 0 Biden +1 vote
    Glascock 155 1,403 0 -1 Biden +1 vote
    Johnson 1,222 2,850 0 -1 Biden +1 vote
    Montgomery 979 2,960 1 0 Biden +1 vote
    Toombs 2,939 7,872 2 1 Biden +1 vote
    Troup 11,578 18,143 4 3 Biden +1 vote
    Counties with a net gain for Trump
    Floyd 10,972 27,120 881 1,567 Trump +686 votes
    Fulton 381,144 137,240 35 380 Trump +345 votes
    Gwinnett 241,827 166,413 663 948 Trump +285 votes
    Rockdale 31,244 13,012 -124 117 Trump +241 votes
    Clayton 95,476 15,813 -244 -99 Trump +145 votes
    Bibb 43,468 26,585 -56 32 Trump +88 votes
    Walton 12,682 37,842 -70 16 Trump +86 votes
    Thomas 8,708 12,954 -11 73 Trump +84 votes
    Clarke 36,048 14,446 -42 36 Trump +78 votes
    Ware 4,211 9,865 -37 37 Trump +74 votes
    Lowndes 20,117 25,691 -34 36 Trump +70 votes
    Columbia 29,236 50,013 -39 30 Trump +69 votes
    Forsyth 42,203 85,122 -45 20 Trump +65 votes
    Hall 25,031 64,170 30 76 Trump +46 votes
    Wayne 2,687 9,987 -26 14 Trump +40 votes
    Appling 1,779 6,526 6 44 Trump +38 votes
    Screven 2,661 3,916 -17 20 Trump +37 votes
    Grady 3,619 7,034 -18 15 Trump +33 votes
    Fayette 33,065 37,952 46 72 Trump +26 votes
    Newton 29,794 23,869 -7 19 Trump +26 votes
    Glynn 15,879 25,616 -11 14 Trump +25 votes
    Macon 2,857 1,783 -8 16 Trump +24 votes
    Whitfield 10,670 25,636 7 30 Trump +23 votes
    Brantley 699 6,991 -9 10 Trump +19 votes
    Jackson 7,642 29,497 -3 10 Trump +13 votes
    Muscogee 49,529 30,049 -36 -24 Trump +12 votes
    Wilkinson 2,075 2,664 -8 3 Trump +11 votes
    Cherokee 42,794 99,587 -7 3 Trump +10 votes
    Paulding 29,704 54,525 -23 -13 Trump +10 votes
    Tattnall 2,061 6,053 -8 2 Trump +10 votes
    Terrell 2,376 2,004 -5 5 Trump +10 votes
    Camden 7,967 15,251 2 11 Trump +9 votes
    Effingham 7,720 23,358 -7 1 Trump +8 votes
    Habersham 3,563 16,637 -9 -1 Trump +8 votes
    Franklin 1,593 9,069 -4 3 Trump +7 votes
    Upson 4,201 8,608 -2 5 Trump +7 votes
    Lamar 2,615 6,330 -5 1 Trump +6 votes
    Lanier 1,019 2,509 -3 3 Trump +6 votes
    Hancock 2,985 1,159 -10 -5 Trump +5 votes
    Laurens 8,073 14,493 -2 3 Trump +5 votes
    Peach 5,920 6,502 6 11 Trump +5 votes
    Warren 1,469 1,166 -3 2 Trump +5 votes
    Baldwin 9,140 8,903 -1 3 Trump +4 votes
    Elbert 2,879 6,226 -1 3 Trump +4 votes
    Fannin 2,571 12,169 -3 1 Trump +4 votes
    Hart 3,157 9,464 -2 2 Trump +4 votes
    McIntosh 2,612 4,016 -2 2 Trump +4 votes
    Pickens 2,808 14,075 8 12 Trump +4 votes
    Heard 824 4,516 0 3 Trump +3 votes
    Jefferson 4,061 3,537 -2 1 Trump +3 votes
    Oconee 8,162 16,595 -2 1 Trump +3 votes
    Polk 3,658 13,589 -11 -8 Trump +3 votes
    Banks 932 7,795 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Catoosa 6,932 25,167 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Dooly 1,911 2,159 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Gordon 4,384 19,405 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Miller 749 2,066 -2 0 Trump +2 votes
    Pierce 1,100 7,899 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Stewart 1,182 801 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Towns 1,550 6,384 -1 1 Trump +2 votes
    Brooks 2,790 4,260 0 1 Trump +1 vote
    Burke 5,209 5,400 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Butts 3,274 8,406 -2 -1 Trump +1 vote
    Crisp 2,986 4,987 3 4 Trump +1 vote
    Decatur 4,780 6,758 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Emanuel 2,884 6,551 4 5 Trump +1 vote
    Harris 5,457 14,319 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Jasper 1,761 5,822 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Pike 1,505 9,127 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Stephens 2,385 9,368 0 1 Trump +1 vote
    Taylor 1,387 2,418 1 2 Trump +1 vote
    Union 2,801 12,651 0 1 Trump +1 vote
    Webster 639 748 0 1 Trump +1 vote
    Wilcox 862 2,403 -1 0 Trump +1 vote
    Counties with no net difference
    Carroll 16,238 37,476 0 0 –
    Barrow 10,453 26,804 0 0 –
    Spalding 11,784 18,057 0 0 –
    Lee 4,558 12,007 0 0 –
    Gilmer 2,932 13,429 0 0 –
    Dawson 2,486 13,398 0 0 –
    Lumpkin 3,126 12,163 0 0 –
    Coffee 4,511 10,578 0 0 –
    Madison 3,411 11,326 0 0 –
    White 2,411 12,222 0 0 –
    Haralson 1,792 12,331 0 0 –
    Putnam 3,448 8,291 0 0 –
    Greene 4,088 7,068 0 0 –
    Meriwether 4,287 6,524 0 0 –
    Chattooga 1,854 8,064 0 0 –
    Mitchell 3,995 4,935 0 0 –
    Berrien 1,269 6,419 0 0 –
    Dade 1,261 6,066 0 0 –
    Cook 2,059 4,900 0 0 –
    Ben Hill 2,392 4,110 1 1 –
    Crawford 1,615 4,428 0 0 –
    Jeff Davis 1,028 4,695 0 0 –
    Bleckley 1,311 4,328 0 0 –
    Bacon 625 4,018 0 0 –
    Evans 1,324 2,888 0 0 –
    Seminole 1,254 2,611 2 2 –
    Turner 1,410 2,349 0 0 –
    Marion 1,311 2,275 0 0 –
    Talbot 2,114 1,392 0 0 –
    Jenkins 1,266 2,161 0 0 –
    Atkinson 825 2,300 0 0 –
    Treutlen 952 2,101 0 0 –
    Randolph 1,671 1,391 0 0 –
    Clinch 747 2,105 0 0 –
    Wheeler 689 1,583 0 0 –
    Schley 462 1,800 0 0 –
    Chattahoochee 667 880 0 0 –
    Baker 652 897 0 0 –
    Echols 167 1,256 0 0 –
    Clay 790 637 0 0 –
    Quitman 497 604 0 0 –
    Taliaferro 561 360 0 0 –

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    Do you think this Georgia legislator running this investigation is a fanatic?

  • Cotour


    Wait for the Pulitzer Kinetic examination of those paper ballots, now that should be very revealing.

    How many will be demonstrated to come from China? Mexico? Choose a country. (I have already seen examples of printing differences in several different ballots, and there will I am certain be discovered differences in origination of those paper ballots.)

    If you count all of the legal and illegal votes over and over again, you are going to come up with the same results every time.

  • Andrew_W

    Cotour, in essence he said the voting system is a bit of a mess and it needs to be tidied up. He didn’t claim that there was proof of widespread voter fraud which resulted in Trump losing.
    His suggestion that voters should be able to peruse their vote like they peruse their bank account would make it unique in the world, I know of no way I could check who I voted for. Such an easy access system would create more opportunities for hacking, which would lead to more opportunities to claim fraud through hacking.
    You’d probably point out that if the banks can do it it should be possible for such a system for voters to be built, but banking is a big industry, the technology they use costs a lot of money, the capital cost is spread over many transactions, it’s not surprising that voting technology is years behind, but it’s technology that’s possible for a voting system and I can see it eventually being adopted.
    I didn’t see anything in that 3 minute speech that would justify labeling him a fanatic.

  • Cotour

    He is a politician and he is a part of a process that will be a reeducation for you and many others I am fairly certain.

    Why do you constantly defend what is indefensible?

    Your very invested in this being one way and you really have no reason for that.

    Why don’t you wait it out and see where this all goes. The greatest show on earth!

  • Andrew_W

    Why don’t you wait it out and see where this all goes. The greatest show on earth!

    It’s starting to look like the chances of proving fraud are running out and that you and others are now hoping that the results can be overturned by usurping the vote count, essentially replacing the current results with a political coup. A strategy doomed to failure.

    The show is essentially over.

  • Cotour

    The show is yet to begin, this has all been preparation that will play out, by design, in Congress.

    Your not getting what is going on here.

    And whether it will succeed or not remains unknown, but the odds are improving as the days pass.

    There is lots going on and when the numbers of Congressmen and Senators begins to grow, as it already has, that is when there is the potential for some form of proper resolution. Its all contained in the Constitution, not in the media, nor Social media, nor in the courts.

    This will be resolved in Congress.

  • pzatchok

    Actually Andrew it would creat no opportunities for hacking.

    Lets say each poling station has 2 automatic tabulation machines. You know those fancy scanners that record each vote. They do not scan an image of the ballot but they read each ‘dot’ filled in and record those. Each voters record in total would be measured in kilobytes not megabytes. A one megabyte non erasable memory chip inside, and not accessible from outside, could record it all.
    Now each tabulation machine is physically taken down to the county main headquarters and its data is fed into a single computer.
    After all votes are counted in the county then that single machine is connected to the internet and uploads to the state.
    After all those votes are tabulated then the data is sent to Washington.
    Which first checks each vote SSN against their main list from the SS administration of alive or dead people and then checks to see if you voted in a different county this time.
    Any bad ballot data gets sent back to the state and county via a different system for a double check and possible hand count.

    Its not much different than the system we have now.
    To check if your vote was counted correctly either a physical receipt could be issued at the point of voting or you could go all the way down to the main office and ask to see your data.

    When these smaller digital machines first came out they did offer a receipt option but most states didn’t want to pay the extra.

    Heck I have actually used a touch screen/receipt system before and was surprised my poling station switched back to paper ballots and a scanner system.

  • Cotour

    They never had to fire a shot.

    Millions crowd the streets and celebrate the New Year in Wuhan China, the epicenter of the Covid 19 virus epidemic running rampant and causing fear and economic disaster throughout the world. Now how do you figure that?

    (And there are people in America who think that a Joe Biden presidency is something to embrace in all of its growing election fraud and corruption evidence and the documented million$ that he and his family has been funneled by the Communist Chinese government is of no concern? Oh boy.)

    Jovan Pulitzer demonstrates in real time how the on going Georgia Senatorial run off election that will determine whether the Leftists / Socialists will take over our government without opposition to their agenda is communicating directly and two ways with Communist China over the internet while the election proceeds. Now how do you figure that?

    Oh, 2021 is going to be an interesting year, no doubt. (2020 may not have been so bad after all.)

    Happy New Year!

  • Jeff Fauva


    “After all votes are counted in the county then that single machine is connected to the internet and uploads to the stat”

    What’s to stop a determined hacker from changing the results at this point?

  • Cotour


    “Byrne says they are going to lynch every politician involved in this scheme. Starting with a certain governor and Secretary of State.”


    (Gird your loins for battle America, the birth of a new paradigm in Republican politics will be messy and will require steady nerves. The young blood Trumpublican party arrives on Jan 6th, 2021)

  • Questioner

    Is Mike Pence a Constitutionalist?

    Sam Rossi SpeaksSings&Films: “Pray for Pence to have the courage to stand up for the American people on January 6th!! Pray4Trump Win”

  • Cotour

    As I understand Mike Pence he is first a man of God.

    We are going to find all about Mike Pence very soon, is he first a man of God, or first a man of politics?

    Is he also a Constitutionalist? Or a lower case subjective more practical “constitutionalist” ?

    And praying is suggested but it is decisive action that will win the day and the election. So you keep up your praying.

  • Questioner


    If Pence is a man of God, he knows what to do. His first duty should be to defend America at all costs against this quasi-communist takeover that is practically a coup d’état for election fraud!

    We’ll find out soon! I pray for him!

  • pzatchok

    I don’t think Georgia did an actual hand recount but instead did a new machine recount.
    All a machine recount does is prove that the machine can recount the legal and illegal ballots accurately. And in this case it apparently can not since the numbers keep changing.

    I use the Al Gore hanging chad recount time as an example of an real hand recount. How long did that one take? Three weeks.
    It took three weeks to hand inspect just a few counties in Florida. Not overnight.
    So when they said they did a manual recount they just reloaded the machines by hand.

    But its all mute now that the envelopes they came it are separated from the ballot. We have no way to verify if any came from illegal aliens or from the same address or by the same hand or if they did not just show up in a box without any envelope.

    The security for the original vote is compromised so any recount is not worth anything.

  • pzatchok

    Jeff Fauva

    The original count is still in the original machine and unchangeable.

    A recheck is possible.

    Plus the hacker would have to hack the machine inside the 1 minute it would take to connect to the internet by a VPN and transfer the data.
    Plus all he would change is the data for one single county. They would need a thousand hackers to change all the data.

  • pzatchok

    plus he would have to hand change every single vote since a numeric total is not actually sent but copies of the voters ballot choices connected to the voters id number.

    He would have to list them all out then change every trunp vote to a biden vote. Or better yet to hide his activity he would have to change just enough to swing the vote and since he does not know that number he is just hacking in the dark.

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