Worker fired because lesbian was bothered by his Christianity.

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Fascists: A factory worker in Ohio has lost his job merely because he talked about his Christian faith with a lesbian and she complained to management.

Rouston had spent the past 13 years as a material handler for Middletown, Ohio-based Precision Strip, and he was well known for sharing his Christian faith with everyone at the company. So it was not unusual that he did so in the form of a message to a new employee, who happened to be lesbian. Rouston and this particular colleague got into a discussion – outside work hours over Facebook – about whether Christians hate homosexuals, and in an attempt to demonstrate that Christians do not hate homosexuals, Rouston – who lives in nearby Monroe, Ohio – recommended that she see the film Audacity, which was actually produced for the purpose of addressing that very issue.

And that’s where Rouston’s trouble started, leading all the way up to his termination for making her “uncomfortable”: Routson was told that he was terminated not because of his faith, but for making his co-workers “uncomfortable.”

In other words, he was told by his boss that, because this was what the lesbian wanted, he was forbidden when not at work from discussing his religion with anyone. When he didn’t obey this absurd demand, he was fired. Do you think the company would have fired the lesbian if she had started advocating homosexual politics off work and a Christian complained? Not a chance.

Once again, we need to note that at no point did anyone prevent the homosexual person from practicing their lifestyle. All the Christian wanted was the freedom to express his opinion, as guaranteed by the first amendment. In today’s American, controlled by the leftwing state religion, such freedom unfortunately no longer exists.


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  • Matt in AZ

    I’m okay with this firing. The business has the right to run it’s affairs as they see fit, and while it’s a shame those rights can be infringed by the left, I don’t see equality of infringement being a remedy. In the article above, and the few others I can find, I’m only hearing the fired worker’s direct side of the story, not the employer’s. There may be more incidents within working hours and complaints from other coworkers. Or not – there just isn’t much detailed information presented. I will not trust reports that don’t make an effort to fully investigate the story.

    Incidentally, when I left my left my job in Ohio (from a town only a few miles away from the one in the article) to move to Arizona, I was literally followed out the the door by a coworker admonishing me to turn to god. Man, I do not miss that!

  • My point here is not actually to condemn the firing. A business should be free to hire and fire whoever they please, for almost any reason. What disturbs me here is the nonchalent willingness of the lesbian to get the man fired, while simultaneously being unable to peaceably allow him the right to his opinions. This fascist behavior by her is what I wanted to highlight.

    By the way, if a Christian was bothered by a lesbian who happened to express her opinions in support of same-sex marriage and then got that lesbian fired, I would condemn that Christian as strongly. The point is that in a free society we are required to tolerate opinions we disagree with, even ones that make us “uncomfortable”, to use the lesbian’s own word. As always, the only answer to speech you find offensive is more speech.

  • Edward

    Loyalty goes both ways. The employer has demonstrated that he is not loyal to his longtime employees — who have been loyal to him, all these years — and is willing to throw them under the bus at the first sign of potential trouble.

    His other employees have noticed this, and are likely less loyal to him, now. They are much more likely to jump to other employers, now that they know how little their loyalty means to their current employer.

    Calabrese’s opening sentences to the article remind me of other broken promises from the gay community. “Gay marriage won’t affect you at all. Gay rights won’t take away your rights at all. Remember those?”

    I also remember when the City of San Francisco, a couple of decades ago, decided to recognize civil unions — unmarried couples of different or same sex — among their employees. The promise to the taxpayers was that it would have absolutely no cost to the city. Within three months of the official recognition of civil unions, “partners” were being covered under the city’s benefits packages, the same as married couples. Despite the promise, it was an almost immediate cost to the city and the taxpayers.

    The gay community and gay rights activists have been misrepresenting their intentions for decades. Had they told the truth, we never would have accepted their superior than thou attitude and never would have acquiesced to their mendacious demands.

    This Ohio worker is only one of the latest in a long line of examples of gay rights trumping everyone else’s rights.

  • Why should we be surprised here? People continue to ignore the Bible,God’s word…
    As it was in the days of Noah,so shall it be again…God cannot lie….
    All sin can be forgiven,if we repent…persecution comes in many ways,not only by having your head removed…
    This is where the world is headed…Be strong in The Lord,and he will sustain you..
    Blessed to live in the Bahamas where we are still FREE to worship,talk,honour God openly anytime,anywhere!To God be the glory! Amen!

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