World still terrorized by ‘‘Random Angry Unknown Folks’’ the Obama adminstration declares

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Heh. Link here.

The world has been rocked almost daily throughout the past few years by shootings, stabbings, bombings, and other atrocities throughout Western societies and the Middle East by what the White House has come to be officially call “Random Angry Unknown Folks” (RAUFs), and the Obama administration will “quadruple” on its efforts to stop these seemingly motiveless random angry people who have been plaguing the world with their seemingly “senseless, pointless, motivation-lacking non-descript acts aimed at apparently no one in particular”, according to State Department Spokesperson Jennifer Psaki.

It gets better. Read it all.



  • Jake V

    What makes President Obama think his “Jobs for Terrorists” program will work better than his “Jobs for Americans” program when there are still some 90 million Americans looking for jobs?

  • Jwing

    Using Obam’s hypocritical rubrics, the Nazis should never have been described as germans, just misunderstood anti-semetics and the KKK were not white racists just uneducated southerners that needed to be understood and given better educational and employment opportunities.

    My question to Mr. Obama, “Do you accept or reject the term “Islamism” as a legitimate term to explain the radical elements that exist in the muslim world in accordance with Saul Alinky’s “Rules for Radicals” method of isolating, freezing and ridiculing the enemy?

  • Jwing

    OK…let’s just call these violent extremists what they call themselves through the controlling principle upon which they act….jihadism

    They are jihadists who practice jihadism under sharia law.

    Is this profiling? No. It’s justthat there are no such things aschristian or jewish jihadists. The truth sometimes hurts.

    By Obama’a own contorted logic, the crusaders were not christians, they were simply violent extremists who understandably can’t ever be blamed for their committing historically terrible things in the name of Christ.

  • Cotour

    A reasonable sounding “Moral litterailst” is an existential threat to us all.

  • Cotour

    The president seeks to rationally understand why an insane murder has murdered by attempting to understand how they were treated when they were a child and how they were abused by their parents. These are questions that you might ask after you have neutralized the murderer and before he can murder again but not when you are in the middle of trying find the murderer, define the murderer and neutralize the murderer.

    This self serving and self delusional Liberal logic is the existential threat. Is he patriotic? I would guess that he believes that he is patriotic, I do not.

  • Max

    I’ve been wondering what the end game is on this obviously twisted view of reality. Is he protecting Islam for the sake of his father and stepfather and the way he was raised? Or is he more concerned with how history will look back upon this administration and the official non-offensive neutral position of the United States before the “Muslim war” and cleansing of the jihadist?
    The anarchism tendencies of the Islamic religion must be controlled to bring on the New World order. caliphate must be realized if a muslim reformation is to take affect. Giving the power necessary to the clerics to enforce and to civilize and modernize sharia law for our century… The alternative is for the animals to be hunted down like animals giving the Muslim religion a black eye for all history to remember.
    The Nazis were brutes, but they were civilized brutes and Germany returned to civilization without much effort.
    This aministration thinks that if we offered The poor under classed boys jobs they would not join the Islamic State. He offers our boys a reduced price on college education for a four-year enlistment. They are offering our boys free food, money, slaves that can’t say no, Mayhem with no restraint or sin and a higher purpose fighting for God. So determined are they that they would strap bombs on themselves in the hope that Allah will give them preferential treatment and 70 virgins in the here after… go ahead Obama, I would like to hear that Jobs pitch for minimum wage!

  • Edward

    Well, for one, those 90 million people are the ones who gave up looking for jobs, because they just can’t find any. There are millions of others still looking.

    For two, I was under the impression, from what they said during the Bush administration, that it was America’s involvement with those countries that *caused* the terrorists to attack us. Now the administration wants to get involved with those countries in order to give the terrorists jobs — in order to *stop* the attacks? So which is it; did they attack because we interfered or do we need to interfere in order to stop the attacks?

  • PeterF

    This is obviously a Saturday Night Live skit being played to make the administration look like fools. Much like Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin convinced the low information voters that Governor Palin was a moron for saying such stupid things!
    Anyone who would believe such ridiculous crap would also believe that its perfectly safe to step out into a crosswalk without checking traffic because motor vehicles must yeild the right of way to pedestrians. Hey Barack! here comes a bus!

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