World’s largest building has opened in China.

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World’s largest building has opened in China.



  • Interesting photos. My first thoughts are:

    1. How much did it cost to build?
    2. How much will it cost to maintain?

  • Pzatchok

    I’m not that impressed.

    If it goes the way of other great Chinese builds recently it will end up half empty and a major disappointment to the visitors.

    Could you imagine trying to walk from the hamburger joint on one side to the squid shop all the way on the other side?

    Or you work in the huge telecommunications company who rents the top floor on one side and half your employes end up taking two hour lunches down in the fun areas.

  • Direct build cost is hard to come by, but we can develop an estimate. Using information from this document (, the cost of associated construction costs (land, infrastructure, direct construction costs, etc.) came to about $3200/m^2 in Shanghai in 2009. Construction started in 2010, and the rate of inflation in China has averaged about 2.6% since 2009, so we can use a figure of merit of $3280/m^2. Multiplying by the buildings area of 1.7 million m^2 gives an estimated cost of around $5.6 billion. This doesn’t seem unreasonable.

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