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Wuhan panic destroys flower business worldwide

The beatings will continue until morale improves: The worldwide panic over the Wuhan flu has in one month practically destroyed the $8.5 billion flower/bouquet industry.

Much of the crash has been caused by customers themselves cancelling weddings and events, but that process has been accelerated and promoted by the decision of governors to put their states under house arrest.

Within a few days, all of [flower seller Laura] Clare’s clients planning April weddings were scrambling to pick dates in the fall. She had to tell brides that some flowers, such as cherry blossoms, might not be available then. Soon, as the number of Covid-19 cases in New Jersey passed 1,000, the governor ordered all but essential businesses to close. Florists didn’t make the cut.

With her supply wilting, Clare started giving bouquets away, delivering some to older parishioners at a local church. She furloughed her five full-time employees and canceled her flower orders, which usually total at least $5,000 a week. She’s applying for a Small Business Administration loan that would let her put her workers back on the payroll. “I’ve been through 9/11,” Clare says. “I’ve been through Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

As with all the closures, the cancellations send disaster in waves throughout the economy. Event venues are now shuttered, their employees facing unemployment. Caterers have no work. Photographers, bakers, clothing designers, everyone involved in this industry is now facing bankruptcy and a crash that they will not recover from for months to years, if ever.

When it comes to something like the Wuhan virus, rational people do a cost-benefit analysis and apply some common sense. It makes no sense to destroy the entire worldwide economy because of a disease that is not going to be much worse than a typical flu season, especially because like the flu COVID-19 focuses most of its worst attacks against the older very sick population. The bulk of the population fights it off with no problem, and goes on living.

Now however we have decided to not allow that, even if the disease does them no harm. They must starve instead.

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  • Cotour

    This is just the “Green New Deal”, delivered in an unexpected package, don’t you recognize it?

    This is the road to Leftist utopia, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    And Bernie did not even have to remain in the presidential race to win.

    He is golden here.

  • Col Beausabre

    One wonders how many people will die due to the economic collapse caused by the lockdowns as compared to Wuhan Flu….research project for some future Economics PhD candidates now in kindergarten, I guess.

  • Chris

    The key here is statistically significant and geographically dispersed anti-body/ serological testing. This will tell us the number of persons who have been infected but are not overtly affected with life-threatening symptoms. These results will give us the denominator in the death rate calculation that Dr Fauci could NOT know when he said Covid-19 was 10 time higher than the Flu.
    One test set (note one set) in Santa Clara has interesting results that should cause everyone to demand these tests have a strong priority.

    Up until the last week or so I think the Trump administration was doing the correct things as best they could given that they really didn’t know much AND had dis or mis information (lies) from China and WHO, I think Pres. Trump has really walked the tight-rope well. He shut down travel with China Jan 31. … I estimate this being the key move. For this he was called a racist only to be accused of moving too late later. Other steps followed – Italy then Europe travel closures …etc.

    The various governors have had varying track records on their reactions to the virus epidemic. The Michigan governor having the worst record – impeachment comes to mind w.r.t. her actions.

    All of the justifiable steps taken by any government is based upon the virulence (exposure vs infection) and death rates once infected. High infection rates and high death rates are why the populace is fearful. The virulence is/has been expected to be extreme and much higher than the various flus. This is probably true. My understanding on Covid-19 virulence is based on my understanding from news and reading.

    The key is then the death rate with each infection.

    The number of infections is needed since the virus is novel. We know the deaths (as long as the true death cause is given – issue?!)but the number of infections is assumed and unknown. The flu death rate vs infection is known from a priori data so when they knew the deaths they could extrapolate the infection rate. (This is my understanding)
    For the Covid-19 we don’t know the death rate. Getting the infection rate is VERY important.
    If the death rate is much lower – ie around the flu or less – then the shut down is deeply unwarranted. I expect this is so.
    If the death rate is slightly lower then lower restrictions are warranted but not a full opening. Large gatherings need to be curtailed for example. The public needs warning.
    If the death rate is as currently understood then SOME restrictions are warranted – BUT most of the reactions to this virus should be voluntary. If folks can work from home – they should. If workers can be separated and observe steps to halt infection they should. If others cannot work due to medical conditions they can apply for assistance. I THINK current SSI can allow this – if not change it. We spent $2B, we can tweak SSI rules.

    The possible desire for government officials (governors, mayors and sheriffs) to use this “crisis” to curtail and take our rights hinges on the death rate as cause for these actions. I don’t think the most extreme of Covid -19 effects justify our rights being curtailed as in Michigan. However, curtailing large gatherings may be in order.

    If we see those who may want to curtail or permanently take our rights — or train us in taking our rights want to keep this situation then they will not want the true death rate known. The death rate and therefore the serology tests is key.

    Let’s see how they react.
    Let’s also see how the media covers this.

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