XCOR faces bankruptcy and liquidation

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Capitalism in space: Unless XCOR can find a new investor in a matter of weeks, the company will face bankruptcy and will be liquidated.

Freedom and competition might bring wealth and innovation, but they also require risk and failure. XCOR sadly appears to be an illustration of this.



  • wayne

    I don’t follow XCOR that closely– what is dragging them under? People, Process, and/or Product?
    How many employee’s do they have?

    Just speaking in general-
    Going bust is always tragic, (individually or otherwise) but is a nescessary aspect of business as a whole.
    The upside to bankruptcy; the pain is imposed quickly and contained to the Creditor’s, and all those resources are re-priced in the Market and become available to be re-deployed to their next highest value use.

  • Wayne: Do a search on BtB for “XCOR”. I cover the company’s fall step-by-step, beginning in October 2014.

  • Mark

    Enter “xcor site:behindtheblack.com” into your favorite search engine. That should work.

    Too much ambition, too little product, it would seem. Or perhaps eyes too big for their belly. https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/3087

  • wayne


    Referencing “emerging new-space,” in general, I’ve often wondered if there are any parallel’s to be drawn from the early emergence of the auto-industry. The initial rise was controlled by a small number of people and stifled/squandered, then there’s an explosion of innovation and production followed by periods of consolidation & concentration. Haven’t formulated all this in my head, just thinking out loud.)
    It will be interesting to see all this play out in the grand-scheme. (The Big Old Guys have been scrambling and merging as well.)

    Any other space-related companies that are in financial-peril?

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