XCOR founders step down

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In the heat of competition: Three of XCOR’s founders are leaving the company, even as it struggles to finish its Lynx suborbital spacecraft.

XCOR Aerospace said in a statement that Jeff Greason and Dan DeLong, the chief technology officer and chief engineer of the company, respectively, were “stepping back” from those positions “to turn their attention to pursue other interests.” A third co-founder, Aleta Jackson, was not mentioned in the release but is also leaving the company.

I am saddened that these individuals will not be there should XCOR finally succeed in finishing Lynx and flying it. At the same time, the fact that they are leaving at this stage suggests strongly to me that Lynx is nowhere close to flying, and that the company bean-counters have realized this and have now been forced to take action.

As regular readers to BtB know, I have always been extremely skeptical of XCOR’s effort. I have always wanted them to succeed, but in casting a cold eye at their progress I have never had much confidence that they would. Today’s story sadly adds strength to my skepticism.


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  • Edward

    This could be bad news, as in these three think it is hopeless, or it could be good news, as in the investors want a more gung-ho leadership.

    I think that we should allow some time to see which it is and hope for the best. I think that the concept is good, but it seems that the execution has been slow. As I have said in the past, getting to space is difficult, dangerous, and expensive. We have learned, over the past couple of years, that this is still the case, but I hope that innovative people like these are able to change all that.

    Meanwhile, I hope that these three co-founders will bring yet another innovative idea to the space business.

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