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From the press release: In this ground-breaking new history of early America, historian Robert Zimmerman not only exposes the lie behind The New York Times 1619 Project that falsely claims slavery is central to the history of the United States, he also provides profound lessons about the nature of human societies, lessons important for Americans today as well as for all future settlers on Mars and elsewhere in space.

Conscious Choice: The origins of slavery in America and why it matters today and for our future in outer space, is a riveting page-turning story that documents how slavery slowly became pervasive in the southern British colonies of North America, colonies founded by a people and culture that not only did not allow slavery but in every way were hostile to the practice.  
Conscious Choice does more however. In telling the tragic history of the Virginia colony and the rise of slavery there, Zimmerman lays out the proper path for creating healthy societies in places like the Moon and Mars.


“Zimmerman’s ground-breaking history provides every future generation the basic framework for establishing new societies on other worlds. We would be wise to heed what he says.” —Robert Zubrin, founder of founder of the Mars Society.


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Because I have come down with a cold that has sapped my energy, I will let J.J. Sefton sum up my thoughts about what happened yesterday, as well as the last four decades. This is the key quote:

Tragically, a victim who has been identified as a Trump supporter was shot and killed in the chaos and confusion. Now the propagandists, the Democrats, and the GOP are condemning Trump as well as anyone and everyone who voted for or otherwise support him as traitors, engaging in violent treason and sedition. Given everything we have endured this past year and going back into the Obama years and beyond really, that attitude is risible in the extreme. It’s also infuriating beyond my capacity to describe the emotion.

My rage this morning is directed in particular at the GOP. Given everything we have seen and endured, these bastards – with the exception of the handful of patriotic members of the Senate and House who exercised their legitimate Constitutional authority and right to challenge the Electoral College votes – including Vice President Mike Pence stabbed us in the heart. Correction, they along with the state legislatures in question as well as the majority on the Supreme Court stabbed us in the heart weeks if not months ago. Pence et al were just twisting the knife. Meh, it happened the moment President Trump said “so help me G-d” four years ago when the GOP controlled both houses of Congress and sabotaged him at every turn for two years, until Paul Ryno delivered the House to Malig-Nancy Pelosi.

Year after year, election after election, we begged and pleaded with that party to stop what is now inevitable and imminent from happening. I blame them for what happened yesterday. For what happened nine weeks ago. For what has happened to this country for the past 60 years by not opposing the overthrow of America as founded and going along to get along, either out of denial, greed or some combination of both.

I was once in Moscow interviewing a Soviet-era scientist. She was curious about America and asked me some questions. Eventually the conversation turned to freedom, the law, and the Constitution. She, in the typical Russia way, extolled the wonders of Mother Russia. I then made it clear to her that I did not care one whit for the country I lived in. What I cared about was the principles that founded it. I said bluntly, “If the United States abandons those principles it will not be my country any longer.”

I fear we have reached that point.


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  • Steve H.

    The Left will use the events yesterday as a cudgel against conservatives for years. It will be used to silence any conservative voices opposing the hard Left agenda that will be making its way through Congress in the months and years ahead. They (the Left) can cross the line whenever and as often as they wish. We cross the line once and it is branded into our foreheads for eternity. Double standard? You bet. We conservatives need to understand the rules in this arena are set to our disadvantage – so be it. We win only at the ballot box and only when the margin is too great to allow for cheating. Work hard, organize, contribute as best you can and prepare for November of 2022. That is where we will win through.

  • Cotour


    The Constitution is primarily about one core idea, the peaceful transfer of power. Without it and religiously adhering to that one core idea above all else there will be real chaos and without doubt blood shed and warfare in America. This is what distinguishes America from the likes of the Roman empire.

    No individual yesterday, January 6th, 2021, who was violent or entered the Capital building illegally during the loud but mostly peaceful protest for Trump in Washington D.C. in order to cause fear, chaos and destruction did no political cause any good. Other than the radical Left and the Democrat party that they now comfortably inhabit and influence that is. As a matter of fact through their lawless and violent actions they have done a great harm to the political movement that must follow the now certain end of the Trump administration because of it.

    (And I have to ask: Why was there not a proper police force in place to deal with the known numbers of excited protestors? And many were of the extreme kind. These kinds of events represent opportunities for disruptors and political agitators to cause chaos. All young, extremist and radicals, very convenient. Lots of ANTIFA, BLM and extreme MAGA)

    What were you thinking?

    And Trump will be pointed at and seen to bear some degree of responsibility here and he will pay dearly in the present and future for his perceived failure in leadership as will his worthy cause. And that is what comes as a result of the risks that exist in participating in shaping and being a major player in the ying and yang, push and pull of politics. This too will pass, but the damage has been done and a warning to those who will come in the future has been posted. Don’t dare attempt to buck the system, don’t dare be like Trump!

    In the end the individuals who are empowered by the people and wield the power and are seated to administer the government in Washington D.C. must always choose that primary intent of the Constitution, the peaceful transfer of power. “But there was rampant cheating and fraud on many, many levels perpetrated by the Democrats and their operatives in the 2020 presidential election and they robbed Trump and us!”.

    And I 100 percent agree with that statement and I am certain that there exists the evidence to clearly demonstrate that, 100 percent. And those organized efforts were substantial and enough to effect the results, without doubt and they did. And this will in time be proven in several courts of law in the several states, without doubt. Politics is a dirty, filthy corrupt business, but it is a business that we must participate in.

    The politically empowered in Washington D.C. in their execution of their Federal responsibilities must and will always choose that peaceful transfer of power intent over blatant fraud and corruption even in stealing the election of a popular and very pro American and productive president such as Trump. And the truth is that these professional politicians need Trump to be dismissed and gone from their midst, he is the fly in their political ointment. Any true leader is a problem for those who follow and self serve and compromise and trade their constituents Rights and freedoms as a profession in Washington D.C..

    This man and others like him are the future of the Conservative Republican party and you have made his job much, much harder through your lawless and violent actions.

    And, your violent actions have caused that very valid issue of political cheating in a presidential election to now take a second, a third seat to the now outraged legislators who you directly threatened and now stand squarely against your actions and therefore against who and what you intended to further empower going into the future. You have done great harm to the cause of true freedom and upholding the Constitution as intended and its future.

    That all being said I absolutely support Trump, his movement and what he has been able to accomplish in the vipers pit that is Washington D.C.. And a Joe Biden presidency becomes a true clear and present threat to our country and our Constitution in his being dragged to the Left and his very close association and financial connection through his son and cash flow mechanism with the Communist Chinese.

    Again, Biden’s corruption and self dealing is something clearly demonstrated to me and the political class who have chosen to enable such a compromised politicians to operate and become the president. And the media that has essentially abandoned their responsibilities to the American public and are now a direct threat to what you are allowed to know, say and think. They own you now essentially, these politicians and corporate media entities are clearly a direct threat to America and your freedom, these are your natural enemies America.

    You are not a Socialist and that is now what is exactly coming down the road and is going to plant itself right in front of your door under the banner of “Political correctness” and, “Equality”, and you will not be happy. I guarantee that.

    This is how the Chinese play the game and they have played the game well indeed, investments and all. And we are all now threatened by this condition expressly created by the fraud and corruption that was crafted specifically by the now fully politically empowered Democrat party. And Trump without doubt had the strength to call out the Democrats and Communist Chinese and what they intend for the world and America. And now who stands against them? Joe Biden?

    You relatively few violent protestors, of the many patriots the other day, have in fact further empowered what you say you stand against.

  • Ray Van Dune

    Two vultures sit together on a dead tree branch overlooking a vast barren desert. One turns to the other and says…
    “Patience, my ass! Let’s kill something!”

    – Acknowledgements to Gary Larson

  • Questioner


    Your comment is not very convincing to me. What do you actually want to tell us? A peaceful change of government cannot be an end in itself, especially when power has been acquired illegally. In that case you have to hit the enemy with the same weapons. But in the end Trump didn’t have the balls for that. He only made half of it again. He heated his people up and then refuse to give you full support. Why did he not the “tour” of the Capitol himself supervise and guide it on site. He’s not a real leader, is it? He has also very often picked the wrong people in his close circle and ejected good and loyal men like Bannon. As it now turns out, his choice of pence was one of his biggest mistakes. You didn’t say anything about the traitor Pence. Please don’t start defending him. I refuse it.

  • LocalFluff

    Perhaps Trump was hoping that losing the Senate, in the Georgia revote, would scare the Republicans enough that they would do what they could to not accept the official result in the presidential election. But, they just don’t care! The constitution has checks and balances, but they don’t apply in reality if not even those in whose interest they exist, care to make use of them.

    Wasn’t Liberia founded with the same constitution as the US at the time? The paper is worthless, it’s only the spirit of the people that counts.

    Trump is too old. He spent most of his life in an America that was very different from today. His assumptions aren’t true anymore.

  • Cotour

    ” In that case you have to hit the enemy with the same weapons.”

    The “same weapons” are intellectual weapons, political argument, political operations, political organization, inspirational leadership and vision. Those are the things that the Left has been working on implementing for 50 years. And of course the ability to technologically count the votes for both parties. (This is political warfare)

    And all of those elements have come together for the Democrats and the Leftists that have infiltrated their ranks and now dominate their agendas. They have played the game better and wanted it more and so here they are. And you fight that politically.

    You expected Trump to lead an armed insurrection in Washington D.C. and “Take over the country”? Are you serious? Your not serious. That is not what this has EVER been about, Questioner. And if that is what you were thinking all this time and expecting you are living on another planet, planet ridiculous.

    I commented extensively about Pence the other day, review that its pretty informative.

    And Bannon is a man you want on your side IMO, non conventional, different think, and that is why he gravitates to the likes of Trump. No apologies.

  • Gary

    So what did we learned over the past five years? The swamp actually exists and completely controls every aspect of government. At least now we realize that big tec/high-tech, big media and the educational system are all in on it to the detriment of personal freedom. Now, with unfettered power, we will see if they destroy the house that they live in.

  • Robert Moore

    These people are corrupted by power and Chinese money. Our entire system was controlled…from the virus to the ballots, the software, state, local, fed govt, supreme court, even the USPS. Add in media and big tech extorted by the promise of Chinese markets.

    How else can this massive denial of clear evidence, witness testimony and mathematical fact be explained? It’s easy when you think of it this way…they removed the man who was willing to fight for America with one they own whose already sold us out.

  • Ken

    Not only is dissent discouraged, it’s suppressed. Cutoff. Welcome to the USSA. Be happy in your labor.

  • wayne

    Welcome to obama’s Amerika.

  • Kyle

    You reap what you sow. Remember that Republicans. You keep doing what your are doing and yesterday won’t be a fluke. That isn’t a threat, that is history repeating itself. Look at any country where their citizens lose faith in their government. The russia revolution, French revolution. Even our own revolution.

  • LocalFluff

    Don’t complain, the lockdown hasn’t been bad for everyone! Elon Musk, now the world’s richest man passing Jeff Bezos (who failed miserably and only increased his wealth by $74 Billion), could personally pay for three times what the SLS+Orion has cost, using only his wealth increase this year. And still be a puny billion or two better off:

  • BSJ

    Bob, When did you become a Trumpite? Or more bluntly, when did you loose your mind?

    You once recognized what Trump is and what would happen when he was elected. You even warned others of the danger he posed and the damage you knew he would do.

    This is a fantastical rabbit hole you’ve allowed yourself to fall into. It is completely detached from reason and reality.

    Trump didn’t win. The election wasn’t stolen. Yesterday’s rioters are not Patriots. The so called Republicans that support Trump are not Conservatives nor Patriots. You are willfully repeating lies when you say otherwise.

    Trump is and always will be a con-man. You have been duped. The loss of the Senate, Congress and the Presidency falls squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

    Here is but one example of your own words.

    “Be warned. Picking Trump as the Republican candidate for president might be the worse decision conservative voters ever made. He might be better than Clinton, but he certainly will not be what conservatives want.”

  • Chaim Arnstein


    You have a cold that has sapped your energy? Maybe take a Covid-19 test, and if positive, get monoclonal antibodies right away.

    Yes, I know what you think about masks, etc, but the life you save could be your own. Please don’t take chances.

  • Questioner


    What you said about Pence is incorrect. He’s a traitor. And if you don’t notice, I can’t help you. He did not make the slightest effort to use the unusual situation that he presided a meeting that decides on the president in order to restore justice for the American people. I hope Pence still gets his sentence.

    Your saying that I proposed a violent coup is misleading. Fact is, Trump brought his one million supporters to Washington – near the Capitol, the country’s power center – and heated them there with hatred of an unjust system. That is already at least a quarter of a coup.

    But Trump left his people on to their own, without any proper leadership, instead of using the power of the great masses specifically – and as non-violently as possible – to restore justice by leading the masses (the people) on a peaceful but powerful march to the Capitol.

    He should have ridden the tiger, that was his chance, after the conditions had already been laid by him. And even if he could not have prevented the intrusion into the building due to the dynamics of the events, he could certainly have modified it as an event of implementation of the will of a people, whose like to regain their sovereignty (after electoral fraud and political failure) as peacefully as possible. Turns out he’s just not the leader you see in him. He failed. He’s more a salesman.

  • wayne

    -personally, i voted against HRC in a holding-action in 2016. I assumed that 2020 it would be tight, and we’d face the fallout now or 2024 at the very latest.
    I did enjoy DJT very much, but there was no way the deep-state was going to make the same mistake twice. I also remain highly concerned about the endless debt we’re racking up; this will not end well.

    Dave Smith and Michael Malice on The Red Pill

    “Everything you perceive to be reality, is (expletive deleted), and it’s (expletive deleted) designed to enslave you.”
    Dave Smith (failed comedian)

  • Questioner


    I have to say, if you cannot see the clear and concise evidence of widespread electoral fraud, you must be out of your mind (and not Mr. Zimmerman).

  • wayne

    Gangs of New York: Bill the Butcher and Walter McGinn
    “That my friends, is the minority vote…”

  • Cotour

    “The loss of the Senate, Congress and the Presidency falls squarely on Trump’s shoulders.”

    1. It will in time be clearly demonstrated and proven that there was fraud and a grand Democrat conspiracy to win the 2020 presidential election. Bet on that, are you blind man? Trump has lost, because he was the candidate and no other reason. Any Republican candidate that stood against the Democrat machine in 2020 would have lost. Trump had the best shot at winning and the Democrats had the most incentive to make sure he lost. No excuses though, a loss is a loss.

    75 million votes for an incumbent is a valid record number, its Trumpian. Joe Biden receiving more votes than Obama? Right. You are gullible.

    2. Have you not been paying attention to the last 4 years BSJ? Comey, the Mueller fraud, the dossier, Hillary’s emails needing cover, the MSM’s 96 percent negative Trump reporting agenda, Social media actively censoring everyone who has gone against and threatened their Leftist agenda, and being allowed to do it, impeachment, China, and their gift to the world, Covid. Have you been paying attention at all man? And that is a short list. 4 solid years.

    3. Turns out Trump has promoted and enacted in real terms the most Conservative and American centric agenda in modern American history. Lets just call him an American nationalist instead of a Conservatives if that suits you.

    4. Without Covid conveniently showing up at the very opportune time that it showed up, 12 months before the presidential election, Biden would have had no possible chance of putting up any credible numbers up against Trump no matter what the MSM and Social media and the Democrats were able to do. Biden would have been crushed.

    5. What took Trumps economy out? Covid compliments of Communist China. Coincidence?

    I could go on. Trump is disruptive to the status quo political structure in the country and the world, an acquired taste for sure. And who is out of their mind?

  • Doubting Thomas

    Robert – Echoing Chaim, get yourself checked out and take care of yourself. 98% of us will be all right if we get the damn thing, but 99.5% will be ok if we take action early.

    Your site is a treasure. God Bless You

  • Cotour

    “He should have ridden the tiger”

    I do not know what you think your talking about here, what you imply is not what is or was going on in America.

  • Mike A

    If you don’t see how much yesterday hurt America’s standing as the only world super power left, I don’t know what to tell you.

    Regardless of your political affiliations, everybody with half a brain should be ashamed of what happened.

    Thousands of people “peacefully protested” and some got arrested, one got shot in the neck, one got pushed over a railing…

    And that act will be used against anyone who supports the 2nd amendment, to prevent what could’ve happened.

    Mark my words, yesterday will be the pretext for the next AWB.

    And as a moderate gun owner, thanks a lot you guys. Extremists ruin it for everyone.

  • pzatchok

    The seating of electors is the purview of the states legislators. The feds can do nothing about it.

    But as I see it the voting process can be taken over or regulated by the federal government.

    Lets push for a unified and verifiable voting system.

  • Max

    Clips of the woman being shot from 2 more angles.
    At the beginning (0:10) similar to what was on Twitter yesterday only from the vantage point of the swat officers.
    Again at 3:30 minutes is another angle showing the “shooter” at the moment he fired his weapon with Chuck Schumer down the hall. (it appears he fired twice, could’ve hit the officer standing behind the woman) Then the camera swings to show the woman falling out of the window of the barricaded door (which some say the window was broken by those who set up the barricade) The woman is surrounded by officers, none are agitated or worried until the shot rings out, one pulls weapon up and nearly fires back through the door.
    Alex Jones with the guy shooting the video.

    It appears they were given standdown orders to allow something to happen so the “failure theater” could take place with a flourish that they could use against Trump and his followers, which are the American people who believe the election was stolen as evidenced by the lack of arrests or prosecutions.
    (There are other first person videos on this website preserved and documented to prevent them from being erased from the Internet as most conservative videos and websites are now disappearing)
    Particularly like the video of the cop being filmed from behind in the capital. He was threatening a young man, probably antifa, then takes off running away as if his life depended upon it when no threats were made, in fact it look like he was leading the people into the Capital. Strange that he was the only one in the building. (Perhaps the rest of the officers were on lunch break at the time? you know how those union rules are written in stone).

  • Questioner

    Pence threw Trump under the bus. Now Trump is throwing his most loyal supporters, like the veteran murdered in the Capitol, under the bus and handing them over to law enforcement, rather than amnestying them now! Isn’t that a shame? He no longer deserved a following. And why does he defend a political system (establishment) that is corrupt to the last finger and that brings its representatives to power by electoral fraud?

  • Douglas

    I Live in Australia and my Wife is Australian. She found it in herself to Marry an American Marine.

    One night a young woman was getting aggressive with me about 4 years ago about America’s failures, and I made it clear to the young woman that perhaps she should consider that she is measuring her philosophy against MINE and not hers, and perhaps her education failed her. I was rather clear in my position, and later I found out that she was crying telling people that she thought I was mean and that she didn’t mean any insult.

    My wife. . .Again, NEVER lived in the US an Aboriginal Australian explained “You were talking to a Marine, He is ALL American, and he carry’s his freedom with him, you cannot take that from him, everywhere he goes he carry’s America with him.”

    You did not see the death of America my friend, you just found that it’s in YOU that America lives.

  • Douglas

    I forget the day,it was when SpaceX did their first manned launch, it was also the first day of BLM Riots.

    Wife and I were drinking and rather drunk, she went to sleep early and I stayed away for the launch and docking, again, I live in Australia it was about 2AM down here. And with the countdown I was Excited like a schoolboy, and literally AS the launch occurred, America burst into flames. Did the Media cover an amazing moment in human achievement? NOPE It was all about my nation being set on fire over something that happens all the time white or black, and this moment of amazement was lost in the noise of political activism by the press.

    I was walking to bed, and fell over, cracked my head and decided “fuckit I’m just gonna sleep here.” rather than wake my wife up with my misery. Unfortunately I had dreams about exactly what happened and she found me sleeping on the floor weeping in my sleep because. . .

    CITIZENS touched space, and CITIZENS put us there and CITIZENS were free, but what the fuck does the state or the media care? Lets set half of our great cities on fire that’s what is important.

    The Nation I love, still, and offered my life to didn’t give a FUCK about what makes our nation great. I still tear up thinking about it.

  • Questioner

    Tucker Carlson Calls MAGA Riot a ‘Political Protest’: ‘It Wasn’t an Insurrection!’

    “Fox News host Tucker Carlson fumed on Thursday night over other media outlets accurately describing the pro-Trump U.S. Capitol riot as an “insurrection,” claiming it was nothing more than a “political protest that got out of hand” while conceding that President Donald Trump “recklessly encouraged” it.”

  • wayne

    I’m not comprehending the attacks on Pence—his only role on the 6th was to say, “are there any objections?”

    Mr. Z.,
    I assume you know the difference between a cold and a virus, but be well regardless! (My personal ‘cure,’ is 2 grams of vitamin C at the first sign and daily thereafter.)

    Thanks for the video, it has scenes I had not seen as of yet.
    Just on it’s face– she was executed.
    –holy cow….. the communists went on a riot-rampage all summer, protesting the death of people that should have been killed, and now the communists are going to blame the victim and use it as a pretense to further crack down on all of us.

    This should clearly illustrate to everyone, that when push comes to shove, there are Rulers and there are the Ruled. All these politicians are members of an exclusive club, and none of us are invited to play, and none of us are welcome in their (expletive-deleted) Palace of Versailles , we are required instead to harvest rice so they can live like kings.
    And this should clearly illustrate to everyone, law enforcement is not your friend. They never have been. They are the foot soldiers of the deep state. Some of them may very well be wonderful people, and those that are, should find different jobs.


    “And though the past has it’s share of injustice,
    Kind was the Spirit in many a way.
    But it’s protectors and friends have been sleeping,
    Now it’s a monster and will not obey.
    The Spirit was Freedom and Justice,
    And it’s keepers seem generous and kind.
    It’s leaders were supposed to serve the country,
    But now they won’t pay it no mind.
    ‘Cause the people grew fat and got lazy,
    And now their vote is a meaningless joke.
    They babble about law and order,
    But it’s all just an echo of what they’ve been told.
    Yeah, there’s a monster on the loose,
    It’s got our heads into a noose,
    And it just sits there watchin’…..”

  • wayne

    On a more optimistic note….

    Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    “America” 2012

  • janyuary

    Blame the GOP indeed for Barack Obama. Blame the GOP — blaming the Democrats for Obama is like blaming a horse for eating grass, for Pete’s sake.

    Who did conservatives BERATE ME, demonize me, call me a traitor (and still do) for refusing to support? Gang of Eight traitor John McCain, and then government-mandated health insurance state-run pioneer Mitt Romney, a functional nanny-state Democrat in every way. Conservatives and Republicans got angry at me for refusing to vote FOR that. OF COURSE Obama happened.

    COURAGE, Robert.

  • Questioner

    Wayne, you wrote:

    “This should clearly illustrate to everyone, that when push comes to shove, there are Rulers and there are the Ruled. All these politicians are members of an exclusive club, and none of us are invited to play, and none of us are welcome in their (expletive-deleted) Palace of Versailles , we are required instead to harvest rice so they can live like kings.
    And this should clearly illustrate to everyone, law enforcement is not your friend. They never have been. They are the foot soldiers of the deep state. Some of them may very well be wonderful people, and those that are, should find different jobs.”

    I fully agree to this truth. A few thousand people tried the day before yesterday to temporarily suspend this reality that you described above. That gave them a lot of strength and energy. They have truly risen above their little existence for a moment.

    Only if I start a revolution like this, I have to bring it to a victorious end. Trump forgot this simple fact. Then I master the legislation and define who is the upright and who is the traitor. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Now it has come so that the full harshness of the rulers will hit the upright rebels and destroy their existence.

  • Questioner


    Here some information for you why Pence is a traitor, given by Bannon.

  • janyuary

    Robert: When you feel flu-ish, aggressively keep your body slightly warmer than normal (drink warm beverages, dress on the edge of too warm but still dry) constantly; avoid cooling. Of course drink a lot, eat well and exercise, but you do that anyway. Using “attack the virus first with heat” approach I have avoided getting flu in the midst of real nasty kick-your-butt-for-two-weeks flu that got everybody in the city, where I worked and played, for 20-plus years (except for a few times it got me down for at most four days, while co-workers were down for weeks). Last time got it was 2000-2001 New Year’s, because I was too lazy to do my “stay warm” thing, and got nailed hard, down for about three weeks and was a swimmer in shape, too!!! Try it, maybe it will work for you?

    COURAGE because in days with nothing but flag and smoke signals as opposed to space-assisted instant communications and propaganda media, men with principles have advanced liberty over its always present enemies, liberty has enemies and its biggest is excessive government.

    The principle is that government is limited to create an infrastructure where men can thrive in live-and-let-live civil liberty, government whittled to a minimum. A force like fire, kept small for human safety.

    COURAGE, Robert, eye on the ball of limiting government, there is a Phase 2 America on the horizon, same principles, new name of political party and movement and better rocketry to liberty and self-ownership, and its constant shield of government force in the midst of overwhelming technology enabled in great part by space tech, that might enslave us We do it the same way, recognizing our rights are God given, and ADVANCE with courage.

    SLAVES and their cultures will only ever wither technologically, as we see China can only progress when we true progressives who meet the future with excitement and healthy self-interest, who work for ourselves because we own ourselves, invent it first. The slaves COPY what free people do, for their government. COURAGE — eye on the ball.

  • janyuary

    I should rephrase, SLAVES copy at the command of their government, what free people do first.

    We will always prevail.

  • Questioner


  • Cotour

    To one of my main point’s above, ABC exec proposes on Social media of “Cleansing” America of those who think like Trump, “Trump thought”. Literally proposing a thought police and an extermination of who does not think properly according to them. Chilling.

    Now the Left who is always pushing that, Trump is a fascist”, is in fact projecting a not so pretty peek into their inner darkest wish list. These darkest thoughts and proposed actions were last most successfully propose by a man from Austria in the first half of the 20th century. And we all know how that played out.

    These now fully politically empowered Democrat political tool drones are the clear and present danger to freedom in America, much like the incoming president, Joe “I like wonton” Biden. Now both Pelosi and Schumer along with Biden represent the worst of the worst related to oppression and are now the biggest threat to your personal freedom and our Constitution.

    I suspect the Zmans physical ills and their manifestation are directly related to the trajectory of Americas politics at this moment in time. He takes this very personally. Trump was the only reasonable hope for him, as distasteful and controversial as he was and is at times. But Trump did what he said he was going to do, got the job done and pushed in the correct general direction and so he rationally in time came to embrace him. As did many others after they came to see the positive actions of Trump instead of listening to his personal internal verbalization of what bounces around in his brain in his personal process. (Have a conversation with Elon Musk and you will detect the same)

    The Zman tends to see the darkest potentials because he fully understands where all of this can go given there now apparently not being any restraint of these Leftists among us. And I agree, but remain cautiously optimistic and ready for what comes down the road.

    We learn from history, we do not live in history. And so in studying history and understanding what was there is hope that we needn’t be condemned to the history of the past. And the key to this optimistic view? The Constitution above all else.

  • Gary

    Did the obsession with election tampering take the focus off of Georgia? I don’t know, but the results suggest it did. Now, there is a full court press to eliminate Trump as a 2022/2024 threat. The Capital breach and a permanent Trump ban from high tech platforms make this task much easier. Even Lindsey Graham has turned on Trump. Mulvaney and others have jumped ship. Republicans are doing what they do best. We have the traditional Republican circular firing squad. Republicans are the Democrats most valued asset.

  • Cotour

    In time a clearer understanding of certain issues will come into focus:

    “D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser discouraged additional help from federal law enforcement — only later to slam federal agents for not doing more to quell the riots.”

    “The District of Columbia Government has not requested personnel from any other federal law enforcement agencies,” Bowser wrote to acting U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, and Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy on Tuesday.

    She insisted that the Metropolitan Police Department was “prepared” to handle the demonstrations in cooperation with its federal partners, specifically the U.S. Park Police, U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Secret Service.

    “To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to, and consultation with, MPD if such plans are underway,”

  • wayne

    Pence’s only constitutional role was to preside over the counting of the electoral votes, and ask at the appropriate time(s), “are there any objections?”
    What else Constitutionally, prey tell, was he suppose to do?
    (For the past 4 years he’s been a loyal bootlicking yes-man for Trump, and I actually do not mean that in a negative way. The VP has two main jobs; assume the Presidency if necessary, and break ties in the Senate.)
    The only chance Trump ever had on the 6th, was with total and complete backing from House & Senate members in challenging (and winning the respective floor votes) to get enough States electoral votes disqualified.
    We all know that was never, ever, never, going to happen, to believe otherwise was & is, magical thinking.

    The vast majority of people, have no idea how to violently seize power, and they have less patience for infiltrating power-structures to subvert them over the long (long) haul.
    American-Progressives understood this well, there was no way to get the ordinary person in America to undertake a socialist-revolution. Constitutional firewalls had to be systematically breached over a long period, along with subverting the culture and our educational system, so the transformation was a progression, 2 steps forward, 1 step back.
    -They won. Their revolution is almost completely institutionalized from the local schoolboard up to the Presidency.
    This IS obama’s Amerika.

    In Our Hands 1950

    “We need your house for two families now, and they’ll use your car too.”

  • Questioner


    You wrote:

    “Pence’s only constitutional role was to preside over the counting of the electoral votes, and ask at the appropriate time(s), “are there any objections?

    You say the wrong statement again. Your question has already been answered by Bannon. Pence could have done many things with the Congressional Chair that could have helped Trump. Don’t be ignorant. Check out the videos I’ve linked for you. Start with the second link. You’re welcome. Many thanks.

  • Questioner


    What do you want to do when power is completely in the hands of the political enemy and who doesn’t give a damn about your cherished constitution?

  • janyuary

    wayne …American-Progressives understood this well … They understood how to take permanent offense position, the superior place to be. What American conservatives have agreed to do is to demonize progress politically by redefining it as meaning “more government.” And they have agreed to a position of permanent defense, where they can only try to stop progress. ANY strategists who agree to calling regression to tyranny “progressivism” deserve what they get.

    -They won. Their revolution is almost completely institutionalized from the local schoolboard up to the Presidency.
    This IS obama’s Amerika.

    And Obama happened because of all the folks who voted “against” Democrats in the past. I was one of them, for decades, until 2012. Blame Obama’s Amerika directly on Republicans and conservatives.

    They are the ones who put him there by providing only more of the same and expecting folks to fall for “Heads I win, tails you lose.” When lefty Democrats are elected, leftism increases in one party. When folks vote “against” Democrats, hold their noses, and vote for lefty Republicans, leftism increases in BOTH parties.

    They won??? Is it really time to panic? Or to stay cool, leave what’s broken behind and MOVE FORWARD with thoughtfulness?

  • Cotour


    What are YOU proposing here? Please flesh it all out for us. Insurrection? Really? Silly.


    And Pence did what he did based in his interpretation of his fiduciary responsibilities. Were his motivations based in politics? Based in the preservation of the principles and rules of the Constitution over and above the interests of one man? One movement?

    Please enlighten us.


    In the end, Pence chose, and IMO as I have clearly written before based on the text that governed his position. This is politics and not playing in the sand box. We move on.

  • wayne

    The American Economy and the End of Laissez-Faire: 1870 to World War II
    Lecture 9, “The Progressive Era?”
    Murray N. Rothbard -New York Polytechnic University 1986.

  • Gary

    The question as to what do we do going forward is really the only question left, so it is good that it was asked above.

    That said, the reality is that the Democrats own the federal government in all but the Supreme Court. So, will they attempt to pack the court and will they succeed? I suspect that this will be a decisive issue within the party and they won’t manage fifty votes in the Senate. If I am wrong, we are in for a world of hurt.
    More likely, we will see a more center left agenda with an eye to the midterms. Yes, we will lose ground to China, Iran, anti-2A and the crazy climate folks, but our main focus should be on the best approach to countering the information stranglehold of the left. Here we have almost an insurmountable disadvantage. I believe that this is what Trump is going to concentrate on, but that begs the question as to if Trump is the best messenger and best candidate next time around…?

  • Questioner


    I have to say that Trump was primarily responsible for the storming of the Capitol and the resulting devastating political ramifications for the political right in the United States. No one else. At the crucial moments he lacked leadership in relation to his followers and the dangerous situation. He should have been there all along. Who knows where he was after his speech. It shows now a questionable character when he condemns his most loyal followers (one of them gave his life for him) and wishes them severe punishments. That is betrayal of his supporters. Who needs a leader like that? Your Trump movement is dead now. Realize it now.

  • Cotour

    It will not IMO be Trump for president in 2024. (But he will say he will and the democrats will work day and night to further discredit and malign him and they will live in fear of his potentials)

    He will be a king maker and a driver of the message, but NOT the candidate.

    My list for future Republican presidents as you may know begins with Allen West, and then you can build the other potentials on the list after that. Its not going to be Pence, its not going to be Cruz, its not going to be Rubio, its not going to be Cristy, its not going to be any of them. And again, this is assuming that the election system is reconciled and cleaned up to a reasonable degree, as it should have been done before the election of 2020, and the ability to cheat or rig is diminished or eliminated.

    The American future in the White House first belongs to the young bloods. My ideal candidate for president is in his early to mid sixties, a strong Constitutionalist, maybe military experience, business experience etc. Starting NOW!

  • Cotour

    Politics, like sex can be a dangerous activity.

    But the risks to many are worth while, essential really.

    We move into the future.

  • Cotour

    Here is 14 minutes well spent.

    Sound familiar?

  • Cotour

    From the video posted above about the Nazi activities in 1930’s Germany:

    “Yes, it is the case that Democratic Rights will not stop a movement backed by capital”.

    Sound familiar?

  • James Street

    Citizen Trump may well be the leader conservatives have always needed.

  • Cotour

    James Street:

    Agreed, but he goes into the future diminished rather than further empowered because of the unacceptable chaos the other day. No excuses.

    He needed to go out on a high as a martyr of sorts, and not as someone who the Left can argue to some degree that he promoted riots in order to pressure the Congress.

    And still he will be in control of much of the Republican power at the ballot box and now he will have both party leaderships focused on further diminishing his power. Now they both must destroy him. And in those efforts he will repair the damage done on the 6th.

  • James Street

    “he goes into the future diminished”

    As much as “Russia collusion” and “Ukraine interference” did.

    Here’s a video by an Antifa dude bragging that Antifa were the ones that broke into the Capitol

    I live in Seattle. This is standard operating procedure by the left that you’re falling for.

  • Gary

    It really doesn’t matter what your message is, or who your candidate is. What matters is what reaches the eyes and ears of the public in a form that can be quickly digested. It is also important for the message to get through repeatedly through many different channels. What we learned in this election cycle is that the Democrats control the message. If this doesn’t change, the Democrats will control government on the Federal level for many years to come.

  • Questioner

    About Trump’s Treason:

    A Commenter:

    “People were willing to die for Trump and he just threw them all under the bus. That’s the only thing that’s shameful about the events of the past 36 hours. I’m sure the usual suspects suggested that this was a good idea, I hope Trump reverses course, for our sake.”

    Syrian Girl says:

    “Ashley Babbit’s last stream. She believed she was doing her patriotic duty, she died wrapped in a flag that said Trump 2020. Yet Trump betrayed her, and Pence’s secret service killed her. I’m not even American and I can’t stand this shameful betrayal.

    Another Commenter:

    “Trump. You better plan to flee the country. There is a good chance that you might be arrested. Your cowardly betrayal has left you with few supporters.”

    And an another Commenter:

    “We grieve for Ashli Babbitt, unarmed protestor, who was shot in the throat trying to seek redress from corrupt politicians.”

    Finally, a Commenter says:

    “Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon leading his army with sword in hand. He did not run and hide and condemn his legions. That is what a true leader would have done. Instead, Trump deserted his troops and was nowhere to be found. The penalty for desertion in a war is quite severe.”

  • Cotour

    James Street:

    I clearly id ANTIFA and other extremists like them on the Left and the Right as the primary perpetrators on the 6th.

    Trump could have gone into the future in a stronger political position than how he does today. Hard to argue with.


    You are correct, the Left controls the means of the message, the media. They are one in the same. Have to find a way.

  • pzatchok

    I do not see how the Capital protest would in any way negatively effect the new Republican movement.

    We are already derided in the press as racists, gay hating, woman hating, uneducated, ignorant, morons and now fascists.. They treat us like children to be ignored in any adult discussion.
    They dismiss all of our concerns as conspiracy hoaxes and not worth the time of day.

    What you saw at the capital is what you get when you treat half of your people like this. If they do not change their attitude and start treating us like adults they will get more of the same.
    Our voices and concerns will be heard. Do they require it be violent first to get their attention?

    I no longer care about this election. We lost no matter how they did it we lost and nothing can be done about that.
    But are we going to let the next elections be the same?Are we going to keep letting them cheat and ‘pull fast ones’ on us?
    Force our politicians to change the election laws.
    Not at the ballot box. By then its too late and the message is lost in the clutter. But send letters and messages to every single politician in your state and federal government. Cut and paste the same thing every time. Its easy.
    Never let them forget what they need to change to make things fare and credible for you.

  • janyuary

    Every field has them, those who fail because they insist that just because their method failed last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, why, maybe it won’t fail this time and it’s impossible to do anything else anyway, you have to vote this way!

    For 20 years I have heard chorus every four years from politically passionate that “if ___ doesn’t win this election, it will be our last one!” In 2016, I perceived that it wasn’t going to matter which candidate won, it would be our last because the Republican party and conservative movement had completely become Pepsi-Free to the Democrat/liberal’s classic Coca Cola. Our ballots have been for years now up front and center for all to see, a false choice, like choosing between the “Alternative News Weekly ‘Independent'” or the major mainstream city Gazette or Tribune news paper … both papers owned by the same mega-media conglomerate but each one with a carefully crafted unique look and style, by design to fool lazy consumers into wrong assumptions.

    Wariness and skepticism is required to live in liberty with free market media. And expecting solutions from the inept ranks of a chicken-hearted party and movement that got us into this mess … well, even rocket scientists should be able to predict the results.

    It is NOW time for patriots to wipe their hands of Republican/Democrat/conservative/liberal, walk away and leave them to their mess, and forge ahead in a movement for liberty, emancipation from government tyranny, a drive strong and aggressive to reduce government force, remove it always from authority of religion, medicine, or science, and remain forever on offense as we progress toward liberty and self-ownership in the 21st Century.

    Liberty must always be on the hunt to put out fires of excess government, liberty’s biggest enemy. Those who want to preserve the ways of big government are the old guys, the conservatives. We young bloods progress toward liberty, not backward the way the old guys do in “progressives” that call for more and bigger government. Leave the old political parties behind, let them catch up if they can, while the new party of liberty goes on offense and advances over raging government force to bring it under control.

  • janyuary

    Pzat: “We are already derided in the press as racists, gay hating, woman hating, uneducated, ignorant, morons and now fascists..”

    That has been happening since the days of Richard Nixon. TRULY. It is old, old hat. Thinking it is new is a mistake.

    An Hispanic or Latino brown person with or without obvious Caucasian-Spaniard blood, who lives in the Southwest may very well be almost comically the opposite of an immigrant or child of an immigrant. That person may well come from a family whose roots in that county or state go back seven and eight or even nine generations (Spaniards were in the SWest more than 400 years ago).

    My point is that stereotypes are politically quite dangerously powerful — that falsehood of racist gay hating etc … or that a brown guy is necessarily an immigrant who is bucking the stereotype that media consumers have absorbed of what a guy who looks like him is supposed to think politically. Demography lies to the willing and lazy through stereotypes.

    Carl Rove once claimed that “Demography is destiny.” He is wrong.
    Morality is destiny.

  • Cotour

    “But send letters and messages to every single politician in your state and federal government. Cut and paste the same thing every time. Its easy.”

    Now I know you to be a serious man, this suggestion is a bit too simplistic and well below your grade.

    There must be much more than a cut and paste letter writing campaign undertaken.

  • Cotour

    And funny enough, in the end what are we going to hear about related to the election?

    And we have heard it many times in the past.

    “Well, turns out Trump was right, there was massive cheating in the election by the Democrats”.

    A side observation:

    Has anyone else observed how Joe Biden’s eyes are beginning to look more and more like he is Chinese?

    That is amazing, just like a frog that through evolution becomes to look like a snake to protect itself. Is it just me?

  • Questioner


    You got it right: You live in a one-party state. Especially when you consider the contrast between the political caste and the people. In comparison, the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is negligible.

  • Gary

    Lots of passion here, but the power is with the Democrats.
    High on the agenda for the next two years will be DC as a state and possibly Puerto Rico. Also, mass immigration will be either encouraged or not discouraged. There will be fast track to citizenship. Stacking the court will be tried, but I doubt that we’ll get through. The agenda for the next two years, at its core, will be to shut other parties out of power. Right now, there is only one major other party. If you want to see what the Republican Party looks like in 2 years, just look at California. At least, they are going to try lay the groundwork for a national California style political environment
    So, my point is that we can’t try to counter the system as it is now, because everything is about to change…

  • Max

    you’re welcome. Unfortunately the link no longer works. ( 404 )
    Here is the same footage of the shooter, without any commentary, that hasn’t been scrubbed yet. (apparently they CAN scrub private servers)
    I was re-watching the swat officer in the capital and he was doing hand signals to the executioner. Any idea what he saying? besides stop/stand down, thumb up, perk down, then he calls it in “operation complete?”
    That’s Chuck Schumer down the hall in the beginning the video waving at the officer who does the shooting.

    Three other videos have been scrubbed from the site. Soon, none will be available.

    I’m hearing conflicting news from different conservative news organizations.
    One said there was three vans full of demonstrators given an escort right to the capital building. They are the ones that went in and begin the Mayham. (The ones that face recognition and witnesses said were known antifa and anarchist operatives). It’s also possible that they were paid to be a diversion for the cameras. They removed their Trump shirts and flags as they left and threw them on the ground. (Real MAGA Trump supporters do not litter or do damage)

    Glenn Beck had a man on the inside documenting the congressional vote count with the other media and began following tourists who were doing the Mayham upstairs, this man says these were militant Trump supporters and not ANTAFA because he’s been in bedded with those groups for months and knows the difference.

    Either way, the man responsible for security immediately resigned. No one knows why he did not use the 2000 officers at his disposal to protect the state house, indeed there’s plenty of Videos of the officers pulling back the barricades to let people in, as well as officers (or people dressed as officers) motioning everyone to follow. Even the ones on the Capitol steps in a show of force were pulled back into the capital and disappeared as the crowd surged forward to have their voices heard. Like cattle going to the slaughter.

    American tourists, used as Visual aids, falling into a trap to be used for another purpose. Typical mob mentality. There were tens of thousands of people at the mall to hear Trump for the last time. The situation was perfect to be taken advantage of. Even if the gathering was not there, The invaders would’ve still gotten into the capital to complete their purpose. We know this because they we’re LET IN!
    The people breaking bulletproof windows on the outside were confronted and stopped by Trump supporters, not the police officers.

    I turned 18 in time to vote for Ronald Reagan, but after his deal with tip O’Neill to raise taxes one dollar for every three dollars cut in spending,(spending only went up) breaking his promise with the people, I joined the Libertarian party. I learned early that the left and the right lie. (A bird of prey can only attack it’s victims if the left-wing and right wing are working together) Repubocrat.

    I voted against Hillary while expecting the worst from a lifelong democrat whose biggest claim to fame is 14 years on a TV show.
    President Trump pleasantly surprised me, and has been a model for other non-politicians to follow. If nothing else, I haven’t been so entertained since Bill Clinton. I truly appreciate what he tried to do, even though the odds were against him, he made a good effort and has been the best president in my lifetime.

  • Cotour

    “One said there was three vans full of demonstrators given an escort right to the capital building. They are the ones that went in and begin the Mayham. (The ones that face recognition and witnesses said were known antifa and anarchist operatives).”

    Pure S.O.M., the two conversations.

    I have seen many ANTIFA types bragging as well as BLM members. That guy with the horns was a BLM member. And then there were more than likely professionals there urging, directing and pushing.

    The moral public is outraged and protests, and the arms length operatives mix among them and set things off and the moral public become the villains. S.O.M., false flag call it what you will but it happens and it is a tool of the political realm. And it is effective.

    And the survival of their interpretation of their fiduciary responsibilities becomes paramount and anything can be justified.

  • Max

    Here’s more of the same but longer footage showing the congressman evacuating in the hallway, and who broke the windows. The glass was on the inside because they pulled it inward approximate 30 seconds before the shooting while all the officers protecting the door were leaving.

  • Questioner

    Sidney Powell and General Flynn BANNED off Twitter!

    Twitter Permanently Bans Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell in QAnon Purge

  • wayne

    I generally download video, and did so with the one you referenced.

    “Storming the Capital”
    Part of the Problem #682
    Dave Smith / Robbie the Fire

  • wayne

    The Enabling Act Scene
    from Hitler: The Rise of Evil (2003)

  • wayne

    “Cronies out to Lunch”

  • Questioner


    You wrote, “That guy with the horns was a BLM member”.

    You are wrong. That man is Jake Angeli, a well-known Trump supporter.

    There were only a very few ANTIFA and BLM members among the Trump supporters.

  • pzatchok


    the cut and paste isea is just a start.

    Lets say you have 100 friends. If you could get 25 of them to do a daily mail in campaign what more could you get just 5 of them to do?

    With 5 serious people you could take over administration of your local Republican party. Maybe not at first but those 5 are there talking to the politicians, candidates and donors every day.
    The nutty lefties took over the Democratic party like that. It took twenty years but they are the real influencers in that party. Look at AOC. She went from a helping a presidential candidate to being elected to a federal post in just 2 election cycles.

    Its time for us to stop being internet warriors and actually get involved.

    If you can not spend 4 hours a week helping your party and candidate then what will you do?
    The smallest least important thing to do is to vote. A half hour every two years must be a real effort.
    Unless your Bill Gates your time is more valuable than the cash you send to your presidential candidate.
    Instead of watching the news for 10 hours a week spend that time working for your party and candidate. It will be time well spent and far better for your blood pressure

    Take power locally and then extend that power nationally.

  • Questioner

    The reason behind Trump’s success.

    “Tucker Carlson: ‘The People Who Run The Republican Party Don’t Really Like Their Own Voters’ But Trump Did”

  • David

    Hope all had a wonderful Christmas. Having not had a chance to visit in a number of weeks, and with the disgusting actions of seditious right wing nationalists still in the minds of all Americans, I was curious what I would find written by Mr. Zimmerman and all.

    So, a angry mob composed largely of white people can storm the Capitol (after being egged on by our disgrace of a president), can murder a police officer, injure more than a dozen officers, threaten our elected representatives, destroy property, and yet here I find little discussion of their actions.

    This puts aside Cotour’s inaccurate claims that some were left wing thugs. (which any reader here could have predicted he would make). That false claim made by the Washington Times was retracted by the paper.

    These people who committed crimes disgraced the large number of protesters who remained peaceful outside exercising their rights of free speech. What’s heartbreaking is I truly thought I would find more folks here decrying the actions of thugs. But for the most part, nope. Mr. Zimmerman, you’ve always said you keep an open mind on things. But reading you postings in the last six or so weeks sure doesn’t suggest that when it comes to our political situation.

    So I guess Antifa thugs can be held to account but not right wing nationalist thugs. What the nation witnessed Wednesday was a clear example of white privilege. Of white anger. Of the continued existence of two systems each with different rules. One if your white. Another if your not.

    I remember this past summer a BLM protester in a WHEELCHAIR who was handcuffed and arrested at a protest at the Capital for breaking the law. Yet Wednesday, we all saw numbers of thugs who were escorted out of the Capital with no handcuffs, no zip ties and let go. People wearing revolting nazi attire. That’s really okay Mr. Zimmerman and everyone else here?

    If the mass of people (some were armed with guns, some with lead pipes) had been black Americans or Latino Americans that stormed into the building, they would have faced a severe price for their criminal action. And it would not have been just one that would have been killed by officers doing their job to protect.

    This country can no longer say we always have peaceful transitions of government. And it was right wing nationalists who did it, who took that away from America.

    My Republican Party has a lot of soul searching work to do. I wonder if everyone who embraced Trump and helped bring this awful time to fruition still thinks it was worth it.

    Just my thoughts. As always, I wish all here good health and happiness.

  • wayne

    Glad you brought that up.
    The people that actually run the GOP, have more in common with the DNC, than they do with Trump voters, whom they hate with a passion.

    Related news–Ronna (Romney) McDaniel was just re-elected to serve as RNC chair for another 2 years.

  • wayne

    So, what do you really think?

  • wayne

    Protester At DC Riot was At BLM Rally In Utah
    Timcast IRL (Tim Pool )
    January 8, 2021

  • janyuary

    Questioner, we live in a one-party nation.

    And the world has as distorted a view of California and Californians, as it does of many things. California’s been on the leading edge, and indifferent to it, since the 1880s. It’s a different kind now of on the leading edge, the first to really be squeezed nastily by widespread ballot fraud with a populace conditioned to believe news media before they believe their own lyin’ eyes … and a place people want to be because the weather where they live now is miserable half the year.

    States in the north east put the most lefty liberal Republicans in long before Californians have a word to say, in the primary system. Yet California gets left holding the bag for the actions of a bunch of easterners, mid-westerners, and not a few southerners.

  • pzatchok


    I am so sorry the Trump rally didn’t change your mind about Trump his supporters and the republican party.

    I didn’t know that is what conservatives should be doing for you. I will pass on the word to our dear leaders just so you feel nice about us all.

    And welcome back.

  • Edward

    there’s plenty of Videos of the officers pulling back the barricades to let people in, as well as officers (or people dressed as officers) motioning everyone to follow.

    We have known for at least eight years that the federal government has taken the side of the Democratic Party since at least 2010. It is part of Obama’s America, land of the formerly free.

    I haven’t been so entertained since Bill Clinton. I truly appreciate what he tried to do.

    Trump essentially is Bill Clinton. What Trump tried to do is up for question, because he didn’t try very hard to do any of the four major promises that got him elected. He was supposed to lock up Hillary, which the crowd repeated on January 6th, but two days after his 2016 election he announced he would not do so; there was never any effort to drain the swamp. He quickly gave up on sanctuary cities, which was the plank that put him on the map after Kate Steinle was killed by an illegal. Rather than building a wall, he settled for repairs. He declared victory on Obamacare after removing the mandate, but he left all the rest of it in place, allowing for our current mess with Ebola — er — Wuhan flu.

    Trump is a classic example of failure theater.

  • Questioner


    I agree with your comment above.

  • Max

    Edward, well said.
    Despite all his failures, he got more done for Americans and for the job market preparing us for what’s ahead then I thought would ever be possible. Indeed, like Elon musk, it shows us what one man with a dream can do…
    The promises of every president in my lifetime have been hollow if not downright disingenuous, impossible, or lies… (read my lips, shovel ready jobs, if you like your doctor… )

    Like you pointed out, Hillary’s crimes were obvious and blatant. There was no moral reason for her to escape her crimes but like her husband, there is allowance is given to immortal demigods of the left. This is the cancer that grows and spreads encouraging others to do likewise that nothing and no one will be held responsible.
    Like all cancer, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy that it will kill all those who are infected. Unfortunately, it will take down and destroy everything around it causing needless pain and suffering. “There is no honor among thieves.”
    For example, our new attorney general;
    When the prosecution and the defense agreed to drop general Flynn’s case, this judge refused making himself the new prosecution with no evidence of a crime.
    Our new Gestapo leading the charge against “Trump supporters” but not conservatives. The “illusion” of opposition must be maintained. Failure theater for useful idiots.

    President Trump, despite his failures, will remain the best president so far in my lifetime. All others who hold the office will be compared to him.
    Thank goodness we live in an age that is well documented and not easy to erase. The erasure of his accomplishments has already began nonetheless.

  • Max

    Here’s a nice follow up to Wayne’s post about the man from Utah who is definitely a member of Black Lives Matter. He has performed speeches at events and rallies. He and his friends invited others to join them near BYU in Provo Utah where his friend tried to kill a motorist that was avoiding the protest. The man pictured inside the capital building was arrested in Provo but not charged with a crime even though there’s video evidence of him harassing cars kicking doors and causing damage. His friend was charged with attempted murder. He has no money but gets financial support to fly to Washington DC. Did he arrive at the three coaches that had a police escort?

    The community pushed back, BLM did not return.

  • wayne

    -not a yuge fan of Tim Pool but have been trying to check him out more often.

    -reference agent-provocateur’s & the events in DC;
    –> it’s apparently quite a walk from where Trump spoke, to get to congress. The physical time-line doesn’t work. (Despite quantum-effects, it’s highly improbable to be in two places at the same time.)It’s almost as-if it was coordinated, possibly using some sort of portable radio device, possibly manufactured in China… [sarcasm alert].
    –>Whatever happened to that giant data-center in Utah that is busily vacuuming up everyone’s email and IM’s? The only people who really know to what extent this was or was not a false-flag event, are the same people who run everything; Refresh my memory…. what is it called when Big Business & Big Government work together against the people?

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