Yesterday’s election

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The elections that took place yesterday indicated both good and bad things for the future of the United States. First, every socialist candidate who was endorsed and campaigned-for by socialist and Democratic candidate for Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was defeated. It appears that Americans are not yet convinced that socialism, a nice word for communism and its centrally-controlled society, is the way to go.

At the same time, her candidates did get a lot of votes in every one of their primary races. From this we can surmise that Democratic Party voters are increasingly enthusiastic about the idea of a full government take over of all aspects of our society, including the end of private property and capitalism, as advocated by Ocasio-Cortez. In the past such candidates would not have been able to garner more than a handful of votes. That has changed, and in a bad direction.

Similarly, it appears that the conservative Republicans supported by Trump were almost all winners. Yet, most won by the skin of their teeth. Worse, supporters of the Democratic Party almost immediately questioned the legitimacy of these wins, with some claiming that it could only have happened because of Russian interference.

Expect more of this in the future. It really appears that most Democrats truly believe that all decent people agree with them, and that only racists and bigots or Russian plants vote against Democratic candidates. If they win back power in any election they are going to move to oppress their opponents. They’re coming for you next.



  • wayne

    In Michigan, (current Governor is term-limited out) we had a 4 way race for the R. primary for Governor; Bill Schuette took 50%. Endorsed by Trump. In the D. primary, 3 way race, Gretchen Whitmer Vs. El-Sayed Vs. Thanedar. Whitmer took 52%, and is an old time Michigan dem party operative.
    -Michigan (Federal) Senate: old time current dem Stabenow is unopposed and will face John James on the Republican side, who split the vote with one opponent.
    –As Mr. Z. notes, the socialist endorsements did not overwhelm the Dem party in Michigan, but that’s not a whole lot of comfort for me. (the 3 county Detroit metroplex overwhelms the entire state by voters, a heavily “organized” area.
    Interestingly– State wide turnout was 2 million votes, which is a record for an August Primary and highest since 2002 on an eligible voter percentage. (This is a big deal for us. Unfortunately, the democrats turned out more bodies as a straight percentage. They are busily scheming in the background! (open primary, but you have to specify Party and can’t cross-vote.
    This bodes well, in my opinion for the (Mich) November election, when we also have a tax-cut initiative & legalizing “recreational” weed on the ballot, plus local school & millage renewals, a very contentious issue in my area.

  • Cotour

    Related, I happened to write this email yesterday:


    She is fantastic! I suspect that she was sent from heaven, an angel perhaps to further destroy the DNC? God must be a Conservative. I could not have made her up in my own best and most wishful fantasy.

    Un tethered, she does not know ANYTHING other than her wrote Leftist inane doctrine and she is the new face of the DNC. Tom Perez, head of the DNC sees her as the “Future of the party”. She has a degree from Boston University. I have to ask, in what?

    And the facial expressions! Those Children Of The Damned eyes offset by that cute little girl smile. She needs to be constantly on TV and in the media representing the Democrat party, every day. I fully support her representing the party 200 percent!

    We wait to see if the people of the Bronx and Queens will actually vote for her or vote for the political leadership slug, Joe Crowley who will be on the ballot as an independent.

  • wodun

    It’s concerning the our media is so un-critical about the socialist rise to power in the Democrat party. It is literally like electing NAZI because the NAZI were just a flavor of Socialism. When media does report on this phenomenon, it is celebratory.

    There is this mas hysteria about Trump becoming a tyrant and taking away people’s rights and engaging in abuses of power and yet the only group acting this way are the Democrats, largely because of the ascendancy of the marxist mindset in their party.

    The media regards itself as an unquestionable priest class and yet they can not even do basic reporting about one of the biggest phenomenons in our country’s history and instead focus on creating fake news about NAZI’s and Russians.

  • ” . . with some claiming that it could only have happened because of Russian interference.”

    Do none of these people realize how 5th Grade this sounds?

  • Blair Ivey: No. The childish thought that now permeates our society knows no bounds. And this applies as well to the right, though the left has definitely descended farther and in sometimes far more absurd directions.

  • hondo

    As a side note –
    Recent judge(s) decisions attempting to make Obama’s EOs the law of the land, absolute and permanent, are to set the stage for future Dem President to rule by EO Decree regardless of Congress or Constitution.
    Myself and friends (active and retired) consider this the ultimate oath-breaker.

  • MarcusZ1967

    “According to official numbers from the Georgia Secretary of State, 670 votes were cast in Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct, where there were only 276 registered voters, says a report from McClatchy DC. Impossibly, this means the precinct saw a 243% voter turnout.”

    Of course they rely upon “electronic voting” machines, thus no paper trail.

  • Cotour


    Ocassio / Cortez despises Pelosi and all other old white bread Democrat leaders and we watch as she learns to not quite be as outspoken, truthful and enthusiastic as she initially was. She is learning that this game politics is full of land mines, back stabbing and treachery, especially when your head is only filled with idealistic sounding Socialist bumper stickers and have no foundation in history and understanding human nature. A poster child for NOT sending you child to most universities today.

    In the coming weeks we will see and hear her learn to lie and tap dance like the best of them, she is coming to understand that she has to be not quit as honest about what she believes and thinks as she has been. It will be kind of sad to watch such an innocent and idealistic young lady become “One Of Them”. Innocence lost.

    There are now clearly developing at least three distinct Democrat factions, maybe more: 1. The extreme radical socialist / “Marxist light” millenial, idealistic DNC Democrat party of which Ocassio is the current and possibly short lived face and spokes person for. 2. The mass of middle America, reasonable, hard working, tax paying, Liberal Democrat Americans who’s votes will be desperately fought for because they along with the blacks and Hispanics are conscious and see what they see and hear what they hear. How ignorant and unconscious does the party leadership need them to be? Very. And 3. The dinosaur, old white bread, Soros / U.N. surrendering, Globalist, open borders, ICE abolishing, mandatory illegal immigrant importing, Constitution hating Liberal Democrat leadership.

    Blue wave? Sounds like a developing low tide.

  • Localfluff

    The socialist agenda and strategy is notzi-German good for themselves.
    I see it first hand in Europe. The political and their medial establishment is totally out of touch with the reality and its people. They fail hard and it is obvious why and how. Did trump say that 5 out of 5 republican nominees he supported have won their special elections?

    I might misquote the following for rhetorical effect, but I remember seeing a TV interview with Donald’s wife Melania before he got nominated:
    “- When the Donalde told me that he will run for president, of the Americas, I told him: Be careful Donalde. If you run. You win!”
    That’s insider information of what he does for a living.

  • Cotour


    After the election.

    Actual collusion using the Russian narrative against a private citizen and now president of the United States by operatives within our own government to remove him. As this further unravels, and it will continue over the coming weeks and months the facts will require severe consequences for the many high level government participants.

    And the now demonstrably fraudulent Mueller special prosecutor investigation that is the result of all of this treachery goes on. For now.


  • Localfluff

    I read that Ohio Green Party candidate Joe Manchik claims to have ancestors from some planet in the Pleiades. Is this a sign that space is becoming relevant in US politics :-D

  • Cotour

    Interesting, 8/8/18, Department Of Justice 757, tail # N119A fly’s from Little Rock Arkansas to Washington D.C. after it is loaded with boxes?

    Jeff Sessions in Little Rock 7/30/18.

    Q: What also exists in Little Rock Arkansas?

    (The coming midterm elections will be crucial, I suspect that much of what ever is going on will be revealed before it takes place. The evidence that establishes the Ohr / Steele communications setting up the Trump / Russia “collusion” looks like the beginning)

  • “The childish thought that now permeates our society knows no bounds.”

    Because everyone is special and no one should be inconvenienced. Ever.

    Got it.

  • Cotour

    And another flight on Thursday from Washington to Little Rock and back to Washington, loaded with boxes. That makes 2 round trip flights.

    Critical mass is in process?

  • Michael G. Gallagher

    “They’re coming for you next” Do yo really think it’s possible to rationally negotiate with these people? But 393 million guns might do the trick.

  • Cotour


    If true the Democrats will be unable to win in many, many elections, especially presidential year elections if this trend holds. The Democrats must have the majority of the black vote, “Owning” and controlling those votes has been their electorial blanky of security and guaranteed access to power.

    “Has been” being the operative words in that last sentence.

    Then came Trump.

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