“You have no right to speak.”

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The quote in the headline gives only a taste of the thuggery, bigotry, and hate expressed by the protesters at the University of Missouri last fall against whites and anyone who dared disagree with them. Go here to get the full flavor, which includes women being harassed and threatened merely because she happened to be white, protesters threatening to kill whites because they weren’t immediately getting what they wanted, and of course, at least one teacher, Melissa Click, threatening a student journalist with violence for reporting on the protests.

I am still only giving you a taste. The worst part of the story is that the fascists on all of today’s campuses were very well represented by the thugs who took over the University of Missouri last year. It isn’t any different elsewhere. Don’t dare express dissent to the left wing orthodoxy, or you might find yourself the target of violence and hate.



  • Joe

    Educators like Melissa Click and the Mizzou president are a blight and a cancer on society,they teach racism and hate, I am a bit young to remember SDS in the sixties and seventies, I wonder how these movements differ?

  • The SDS was similar, and even more violent (with an offshoot becoming the bomb-throwing Weatherman). However, in the 1960s college administrators and public officials were far less inclined to bow to their demands. And the general school population would have considered the idea of “safe spaces” and “microaggressions” to be absurd and fascist. Now, these fascists appear either to have the support of a majority of the college population or that population has been cowed into submission.

  • ken anthony

    Now you know the real reason for ‘free’ education. When are we going to stop the redistribution? The left couldn’t exist without it.

  • Tom Billings

    Unlike some others, I *am* old enough to remember the college demonstrators of the 1960s, and the results. As Robert Z. has said, most college administrators in 1965 would stand for nothing like this nonsense. However, by 1969, there were 2 examples of how far and how fast things had fallen.

    At the University of Washington, in the spring, there were mass demonstrations organized by people like Mario Savio and other self-described “red diaper babies”, the children of parents who had been communist party members by the 1930s. These “demonstrations” led to the “occupation” of the university’s administrative offices without substantive resistance, and the complete capitulation of the University to “red diaper baby” demands. The “red diaper babies” now moved East, to MIT. They began organizing massive demonstrations to target the Guidance Lab on the MIT campus, which developed the guidance systems for most of the US ICBM deterrent force.

    They did not anticipate “Doc Draper”. He had headed the guidance efforts at MIT since the mid-1930s. He now acted to secure his facility without the help of the spineless MIT administration. “Doc” went out and used his own funds to purchase enough AR-15s and ammunition to arm every staffer in the Guidance Lab, from the lowest janitor up to and including himself. He cleared some basement space in the large building to making a firing range, where he and others with the knowledge trained his staffers to shoot. He attracted them by providing food and drink in an adjoining room as well, and a party atmosphere at the after hours training sessions developed.

    He searched for and found a young grad student working at the Lab who had a girlfriend, who had just joined the “demo organizing committee”. When there were an impressive number of volunteers participating in the after hours shooting activity, he suggested to the young fellow that he invite her over to the party. She found “Doc” bent over a map of the building planning out shooting positions with his chief subordinates. As expected, she scampered back to “the demo committee” with word of what they would be facing.

    Not too surprisingly, the “demo committee” decided within 24 hours to change their target. Instead of the Guidance Lab, they would protest and occupy the activities of the group at MIT doing Ballistic Missile Defense work. The Guidance Lab barely heard a mummur throughout this circus, but MIT’s Administration still collapsed to the pressure, and BMD work was no longer welcome at MIT.

    The true problem for the Guidance Lab came in the aftermath. The MIT Administration found out, probably from organizers, about “Doc”‘s preparations, …and were horrified! Within weeks after the campus seemed to be back to normal, the MIT Administration announced that the Guidance Lab would no longer be part of MIT. Of course, the DoD contracts MIT had so willingly signed between 1939 and 1969 forbade them from giving the Guidance Lab the bum’s rush. It took several years before “Draper Labs” came formally into being as a separate entity, but it was a foregone conclusion for MIT’s administrators.

    This type of detachment began to multiply throughout the 1970s, and by now it is nearly complete. By 1975, at the latest, people who had been in those “student demos” began occupying administrative offices at campuses across the country. By 1995, they, and people prepared by a slanted view of recent history to believe them, were in the majority in meetings of administrators around the country.

    Thus, the transformation of US Universities began in violence, and is ending in violence, with those in charge never willing after the Republic of Vietnam’s defeat to defend their institutions, because it was politically incorrect to do so.

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