Your neighbor the fascist

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Horrifying: What happens to you in modern America if you have the nerve to let your child play outside.

But I was also warned: the neighbor can call [Child Protective Services] as many times as she wants. If she truly feels there’s neglect, she can’t be prosecuted for making false allegations. We could try to sue her for harassment. We could try to press charges for kidnapping if she approaches our son again and tries to get him to move from where he’s playing. But in all reality, when children are involved, the person who makes the complaint gets the benefit of the doubt. For parents, it is guilty until proven innocent. I understand why the system works this way, but it makes me feel like we are prisoners in our own home. It makes me feel helpless and at the mercy of someone I don’t even know.



  • joe

    This goes way beyond fascism, a certain German dictator would have been proud.

  • t-dub

    I have a neighbor(s) that call the fire department sometimes when I grill my dinner and make too much smoke. Its happened twice now. The first time I was told the “witness” swore there were flames shooting out of my house. No way. The second time it was a supposed “flu fire”. Not sure who is doing it but the next time the fire department shows up I’m going to have to invite them in for dinner . . .

  • I always just invite the neighbors, That way I can party all night long and no one complains about the noise

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