Public meeting at White House between Israeli and Saudi, UAE, and Qatari officials

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A public meeting today was held at the White House between Israeli and Saudi, UAE, and Qatari officials, aimed at addressing the humanitarian situation at the Gaza Strip.

The summit on Gaza, called by Jared Kushner, the US president’s son-in-law and senior adviser on Middle East peace, as well as Jason Greenblatt, his special representative for international negotiations, marks an unprecedented moment for Israeli diplomacy, as their dialogue with officials from Arab states is publicly recognized for the first time. The Trump administration planned the meeting over the course of several weeks and released a list of attendees the morning of the summit, which also included officials from Egypt, Jordan, Canada and various European countries.

Palestinian Authority officials did not attend the meeting.

“We regret that the Palestinian Authority is not here with us today,” Greenblatt said in opening remarks to the conference. “This is not about politics. This is about the health, safety and happiness of the people of Gaza, and of all Palestinians, Israelis and Egyptians. …As you know, we are here today to consider ideas on how to address the humanitarian challenges in Gaza – a topic that has long been at the forefront of all of our minds,” Greenblatt continued. “It has certainly been on mine.”

Greenblatt and Kushner are putting final touches on a comprehensive peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, of which the resolution of the Gaza crisis is an integral part. At the moment, White House officials are deciding how to rollout the plan within a matter of weeks or a few short months.[emphasis mine]

It increasingly appears that the U.S., Israel, and the Sunni Arab states are going to work out a peace deal that excludes the terrorist and Iran-supported Palestinian leadership. That plan might even require the removal of that leadership, which would only be beneficial to the people presently trapped under their rule.

One more note: This is the first such public meeting between Israel and many of these Arab countries since 1991. In a normal world, this meeting would thus garner major headlines in all the major news sources. It indicates a major change in the relations between these nations. The Sunni Arab nations are getting comfortable with Israel, and are more willing to work with it as a neighbor, in public.

Not in our childish news world today, however, which is more interested in reporting UFO stories and fake Russian/Trump collusion stories.



  • wodun

    Not in our childish news world today, however, which is more interested in reporting UFO stories and fake Russian/Trump collusion stories.

    So you are saying there is a sea change not a see change.

  • wodun: You made me think I had this idiom wrong, and when I couldn’t find references for it one way or the other, I decided to deleted the word “sea”. It isn’t needed anyway.

  • wodun

    Aww, I was just making a pun joke.

  • wodun: Heh. Well, I think you helped improve my writing, so don’t feel bad.

  • Cotour

    The difference between a Kingdom and a Democracy, read a very interesting interview with 83 day detained and released (After everything was straightened out and “confirmed”) Prince Al Waleed:

    (I highlight some specific and revealing questions and answers, I love reading between the lines in this interview)

    Prince Al Waleed :” I’ll elaborate on that: It’s an ongoing process with the government.” Referring to his forced detainment and his adjustment to the new paradigm. Take a look at some of the pictures of the prince, he appears to be having some PTSD affects.

    Interviewer: “So you were not harmed or mistreated in any way?

    Prince Al waleed: “Not one iota.”

    Prince Al waleed: “All of these points were covered in the confirmed understanding, the agreement between me and the government.” The prince emphasizes that everything is confirmed and understood be tween him and his cousin the Crown prince. Very well understood.

    Interviewer: How would you describe your relationship with Prince Mohammed?

    Prince Waleed: It’s stronger. That’s shocking to many people, even to my people.

    Interviewer: You’ve forgiven him?

    Prince walled: I’ve forgotten and forgiven the whole process completely. It’s behind me.

    Prince Waleed on Crown Prince Salmons plans: Any person who does not support what Mohammed bin Salman is doing right now, I say, is a traitor.

    Interviewer: The crown prince is touring the West. He’s meeting President Trump at the White House, and he’s trying to attract capital to Saudi Arabia. Given your experience at the Ritz-Carlton, how good can you feel about presenting a common front with the government, the very same government that put you in the hotel?

    Waleed: I’m supportive of Saudi Arabia, supportive of my government, supportive of King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Salman all the way. Before, during, and after detention.

    You get in line and you “confirm” all agreements. Very, very interesting.

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