R.I.P. Rose Marie

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Rose Marie, best known for her role on the Dick Van Dyke show in the 1960s, has passed away at 94.

Diane and I recently rewatched the entire Dick Van Dyke show, and they come off as fresh and as funny as when they were made more than a half century ago. If you want to see adult comedy at its best, not the modern obscene and shallow adolescent humor that dominates today’s culture, you must see this show.



  • wayne

    CBS has newly colorized Dick Van Dyke episodes at their pay-site, and they have a free episode compilation running on their regular website. Embedded player & you have to watch ads, but the colorization is amazingly seamless.


    “Holiday Central 2017”
    The Dick Van Dyke Show – Now In Living Color!
    (2017) S1 Ep1
    “The special features the season one episode ‘My Blonde-Haired Brunette,’ written by Reiner, and the season three episode ‘October Eve,’ written by Bill Persky and Sam Denoff. (TV-G)”

  • Wayne: Colorized? Yuch. CBS did the same crap with the original Star Trek, replacing all the original effects with mediocre modern digital cgi. Not good.

    The entire Dick Van Dyke series was available on amazon for less than $100. Worth every penny. And cheap at the price.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,
    Completely agree about wrecking old Star Trek with new ditigal special-fx’s. Totally unnescessary.
    I’m completely opposed to colorization myself, but the software & techniques in use today are incredibly advanced, compared to the 90’s.
    They are also incredibly synthetic, and to me, fake like the News they broadcast.

    pivoting– (I have a clip in mind, for everything.)

    David Byrne –
    My Fair Lady

  • wayne

    Baby Rose Marie –
    “The Child Wonder” 1929
    “Vitaphone Varieties” short

  • ken anthony

    Ok, it has to be said…

    Oh, Rob!

  • Robert Pratt

    We love the show. It is among many I’ve enjoyed sharing with Isabel who doesn’t come from our culture. Bob Newhart is one my caves along with Mary Tyler Moore. Best description of Bill O’Reilly is when Limbaugh called him Ted Baxter!

  • wayne

    My favorite is: “The “O’Baxter Factor.”

  • wayne

    Baby Rose Marie – “The Child Wonder”
    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. Entertainment.”

    Last week, Warner Bros. didn’t know who Rose Marie was, nor did they care.

  • wayne

    “From The Mark Steyn Weekend Show earlier this year: Mark bids farewell to one of those we lost in 2017, Mary Tyler Moore.”

    Mark Steyn’s Last Call: Mary Tyler Moore

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