1776 – Hatching an Egg

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An evening pause: I posted this last year for the Fourth of July. It is worth watching again, and again, and again. From the 1976 movie version of the 1972 musical, 1776. As I said last year, not only did the musical capture the essence of the men who made independency happen, it is also a rollicking and entertaining work of art.


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  • ken anthony

    It is that good. It makes me think about the differences between then and now… “a republic if you can keep it.”

    We didn’t. Those men were guided by principles which we have abandoned by amendments.

    They had a unique focus that doesn’t exist anymore. We have abandoned those principles to such an extent that advocating for them makes one a crackpot.

    We have all but surrendered to the nanny state. The path back is not visible.

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