2018 Hot Rod Wild Rides

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An evening pause: A breath-taking collection of crashes and failures during the 2018 National Hot Rod Association race season One could call this a collection of engineering failures, but I don’t see it that way. For one, absolutely no one was seriously hurt, proving the design of their safety features. For another, the engine failures show how they are pushing the engineering to the max to win.

Hat tip Cotour.



  • Alex Andrite

    Be still my heart !
    Yep, I followed the rails and flat tracks in my youth.
    Ear plugs and ear muffs !
    The screaming roars of power, and often smashing screams of destruction, were really something.
    The “aroma” of the high tech fuel, mixed with burned melted and molten rubber was amazing !!!
    Sort of a fire and brimstone thing.
    Thanks for the memories Cotur !
    Yep, very cool.

  • Cotour

    This was my original comment related to the video:

    “If there are indeed aliens clandestinely watching the human race, observing us to better understand what makes us who and what we are, this and things like it are certainly the reasons that they keep on watching and scratching their bulbous heads.”

    Humans, like no other?

    Or if there are other similar “intelligent” life forms in the universe, did they also go through similar kinds of behaiviors and activities such as this? Dangerous and life threatening beyond reason? I would have to assume that that would be so.

  • Col Beausabre



    The radio jungle for the home of the Summer Nationals in my teens, Englishtown, New Jersey. Nitro Fuel Dragsters! Funny Cars!! Art Arfons “Green Monster” jet powered dragster!!! Run what you brung!!! GIRLS!!!! I spent many summer Friday evenings there with my buddies watching the cars and trying to pick up girls. But what I really loved was the SCCA’s Trans-Am series with the classic Pony Cars.


    And Bob is right, the motor sports sanctioning bodies have developed a set of set of stringent rules concerning car construction and driver apparel and restraints to ensure driver survival if things get pear shaped. (you’re actually safer on the track than the highway, all the other drivers hold competition licenses, rather than a random collection of Lord knows who)

    And yeah, seeing those Funny Cars demolish themselves when they blow the heads off the block is pretty wild!

    Proud member of Northern NJ Region, Sports Car Club of America (raced in regional Class H Production back in the day)

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