.45 acp Guns and The People Who Carry Them

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An evening pause: A lot of the jokes only gun owners will understand, but nonetheless, this is funny.



  • That is funny. When I asked my father what his sidearm of choice was in Vietnam, he said a .45, because if he had to use it, he wanted the target to stay down.

    The video does make a good point. No gun is any good if you can’t hit what you aim at. This is why I use a S&W .40. It fits my hand well, and I can control it. I find the .45 to be too heavy and unbalanced to use effectively, and the hammer tends to catch the web of my thumb. I’d rather fire two rounds that I’m reasonably certain will find their target, than one round that may not.

  • I have done a considerable amount of competitive bullseye shooting using a 45 1911, shooting one-handed at targets 50 yards away, and have found that you can become very very accurate with it. The weight, recoil, and balance of the gun becomes natural with lots of practice. It is just a matter of putting ammo down range.

    I also had the same problem as you with the web of my thumb and one of our 1911s. I found the problem was both me and the specific gun. With repeated practice my grip improved and the hammer and grip safety caught my skin less often. Still, part of the problem was that specific gun, which is why it will never be my 1911 of choice. I’ve shot extensively with about a half dozen other 45s, including Springfield’s new very small XD-S 45, and have not had this problem.

  • BSJ

    HA! I’ve got a 1911 in 9mm. So at least I’m not bi… ;-)

  • Thanks for the information. I may revisit the .45, but I’m very happy with my .40. My brother-in-law has a sweet Glock 9mm with modified trigger (takes 1/3 the normal effort) that is a joy to shoot. Putting rounds accurately on target feels almost effortless, and the sight picture is easy to maintain.

    I don’t get to practice enough to be really proficient, so I’ll stick with the gun with which I feel most comfortable. If I have to use it, I don’t want to have to think about the mechanics.

  • Pzatchok

    I like CZ-75 variants and clones.

    Currently have a EAA Witness in .45acp/40/9mm and .22lr. Conversion kits rock.
    A CZ-83 in .380acp for CCW.

    Plus other none CZ’s for fun. Just no 1911’s. The 1911’s I tried felt fine and worked just fine I just thought the CZ’s fit my hand better and pointed more naturally.
    Though a quality 1911 would be my second choice.

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