A plane is born

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An evening pause: Hat tip George Petricko.



  • Rene C. Borbon

    Great video!

  • I worked for a company that did a fair amount of work in Boeing facilities around Puget Sound, although most of our work was in the sub-assembly plants rather than the final assembly building in Everett. The video does a nice job of illustrating Boeing’s ‘moving platform’ assembly line. Cars are cool, but airplanes are magic.

  • jburn

    Planes now; rockets next!

  • Edward

    Boeing has popular tours of their Everett plant. I went on it a little over a year ago. The 737 line was in a part of the building that didn’t have an overlook, so it was the only plane we couldn’t watch being built. Unfortunately, they don’t let you stay and watch for hours on end, but it is wonderful what you can see in five or ten minutes at each observation station.

    If you ever get into the Seattle area:

  • Cotour

    And none of this happens at this level of excellence and volume without one key thing. Can anyone guess what that one thing is?

    I am trying to come up with an appropriate observation about who the plane is being delivered to but am stuck for the moment. Feel free to participate.

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