An honest political ad

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An evening pause: In honor of tomorrow’s election day, I bring you Gil Fulbright.

And as Robert Heinlein wrote, “We laugh because it hurts.”



  • Phill O

    Most honest ad yet seen.

    Great find!!!!

  • hondo

    Devil’s in the details ….
    Why do they need the money in the first place?
    What do they spend it on?

    Cute ad – but it relies on the simplistic

  • Cotour

    My contribution:

    Just for fun I have taken to inviting many of my Liberal friends to dinner on election nights. I first did it during the 2016 presidential election and then on inauguration night. This will be my 3rd election related dinner, one of many to come.

    (I do not think I ever mentioned, I am an excellent chef / cook)

    And this in general is a non political dinner, just eating, some wine and general conversation, politics if you so choose. But I do not instigate, confront or politically question anyone. Its a time of peace and friends :)

    This will be the menu that I will be emailing them today. We will see who will show up, the biggest Leftist / Soros adherent has already very early this morning confirmed that: He and his lady will not be attending!

    Tonight’s menu will include:

    Baked garlic and lemon chicken breast with fingerling potatoes and peas

    Special American Cherrystone baked ziti with roasted baby cherry tomatoes in home made sauce

    Broccoli with lemon and garlic in olive oil

    Creamy ricotta with grated lemon zest

    Blue cheese and brie cheese plate with crackers

    Cesar salad

    And of course a generous red wine tasting selection

    I got rid of my gas range top which was always a pain because of the constant cleaning after every use, and I will be cooking much of this on my new induction cook top, just wipe it down. Its great, just a black glass top with the controls under the glass, like cooking on the Star Ship Enterprise.


  • Cotour

    Election night dinner up date:

    My Liberal / Soros / Globalist supporting friend and his delightful permanent girl friend who bailed on my election night dinner with little explanation actually did show up after my reply to them was, “If your plans change please come by, you are always welcome”.

    They had a meeting that was apparently canceled and he emailed me asking if it was OK to come by. We all had a very good time, the food was great as was the wine and the conversation was not remotely connected to politics, as is my general election night policy. Although I did point out that the Cherrystone baked ziti dish was a Putin favorite :)

    And here is another example of civility and the fact that there is more that we all have in common rather than divides Americans.

    I had very strongly commented in the negative about an SNL “comedy” segment where the young “comedian”, Pete Davidson, who it curiously turns out that his father died in 9-11, apologized to now Congressman elect Dan Crenshaw. Davidson thought it “Funny” to mock and make the but of his “Jokes” Crenshaw and his eye patch that he earned during an IED attack on the battle field in a foreign land.

    All of course while Davidson sat comfortably and safe before the cameras of his multi billion dollar corporate employers and facilitators and his biggest concern that day was what to have for dinner, lobster and steak and the crab bisque or the Manhattan clam chowder? He likes both equally, he will figure it out.

    Hmmm, what shall it be tonight? And whether his limo driver would again be late to pick him up to get to the restaurant because he had a date that night.

    Davidson, who I am certain upon deep personal “reflection” (Read extreme media pressure and bad press and personal shame for allowing his youthful ignorance to dominate his better sense and of course his own mother screaming at him, “What is wrong with you?!”) apologized to Mr. Crenshaw who took the opportunity to appear on the show beside Mr. Davidson to accept his apology and needle him a bit. All in good fun.

    At the end of my previous comment / email I said that “I could almost forgive Mr. Davidson due to the ignorance of youth, almost”. I suppose that I will have to stick by that and forgive his bad choice for comedic material.

    I was going to write “Hope springs eternal” after this comment, but I think we are a ways away from that point and the political battle rages on, for now anyway.


  • wayne

    “What we are teaching our children…”

    Crony Chronicles:
    “I Want To Be A Crony”

  • wayne

    “Who Exploits You More: Capitalists or Cronies?”
    Learn Liberty 2012

  • wayne

    I’m going tangential with video clips, but I have been following your Election Dinner Story!
    (did I miss desert? Highly suggest pumpkin and/or apple pie. )

  • Cotour

    Several people brought bakery goods, high end cookies and cake, very good. No pie :(

    I never concern myself with dessert it always just somehow shows up, preparing dinner becomes an all day affair for me it turns out.

  • wayne

    We had 3 inches of snow here Saturday, good excuse to run the oven for, Pie! (Har- I can do apple & pumpkin from scratch, that’s about it.)

    tangentially– speaking of high-end bakery snacks, if you are ever in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • Cotour

    Lets talk about honesty.

    I offer an example of the kind of “journalism” and “honesty” that the Left tends to do, the kind where they testify as they are asking a question. You have over and over again seen Jim Accosta testify as he testaquestions when ever he gets to pose any question to this particular president. We saw it at its best just last week where Accosta in his teataquestion attempt to actually debate the president instead of asking a legit question and then a follow up question, you know just like a real journalist would do. Then he got himself justifiably banned from the White House, one of the reasons that I enjoy Trump being president.

    Accostas techniques are all by design and are sanctioned by his network.

    And here we see the CNN brain trust headed by Don Lemon and their tesataquestioning and analysis resulting in creating a narrative in the minds of their audience where Trump has called a black woman reporter the “N” word. In fact manufacturing “Fake news”, live and right before everyone’s eyes.

    President Trump certainly did not in fact do that but their way of posing questions and then discussing those posed questions and then creating additional associated “reality” on their various shows is plainly more a psy-ops operation rather than reporting the news. Plainly, it is so obvious and blatant to me.

    The Left must never allow their audience and the segment of the population that they “are in charge of” in America that listens to them to ever not hate, especially the likes of Trump who represents the most effective existential threat to them in politics today.

    That is how dire and high risk this particular political epoch in American history is today. The costs of the Left not doing so is beyond their ability to comprehend that they become what you see before you today, they are the bigots, they are the real fear mongers, they are the creators and promoters of “fake news”, they are the ones who will secretly find boxes of votes when needed that turn out to mysteriously favor Democrat candidates than Republican.

    Why do they do such nefarious things? Because they have to, honestly sharing their political philosophy is just not acceptable to those who they seek to control, the American people, and they know it. And so cheating, forced illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, a campaign to register felons and deceit etc. is the only way to power that they can understand and out of necessity they are what they are (For the Democrat leadership and their media operatives anyway).


    (And does anyone really take the likes of Don Lemon seriously?)

  • Cotour


    Do they do gay wedding cakes?

  • wayne

    Kalamazoo is a college town.

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