Bambi meets Godzilla

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An evening pause: A classic from 1969. I remember seeing this for the first time at one of the very first comic book conventions in New York. It brought the house down.

Hat tip to Phil Berardelli.



  • h/t to Blue Oyster Cult

    There’s a shaking all through the ground,
    Even Thumper knows what’s goin’ down

    Helpless creatures cry a sad refrain
    They know they’re in for world of pain

    He picks up a tree and he throws it back
    His fiery breath turns the forest black

    Oh no, Bambi’s got to go Godzilla
    Oh no, she’ll never be doe Godzilla

  • Joe

    Looks like a clash of c.ultures to me.

  • Thunderbunny

    How old were you when you went to that comic convention, Robert? I remember going to them when I was 12-14 years old.

  • The first comic convention I attended was one of the first ever held, run by a man name Phil Seuling in New York in I think 1968. I was 15, and was on the hunt to complete my collection of Marvel comics from the 1960s, something I did accomplish. Soon thereafter I and two school buddies put together a business selling comics and comic book protective plastic bags at conventions. If you were at any New York conventions in the 1970s you might remember a guy with a loud New York accent periodically yelling “Comic bags, $1 per 100!” at the top of his lungs in the vendor hall in order to attract business. That was, I am unashamed to admit, myself. We made a pretty good return on those bags, as well as the comics we bought and sold, and helped pay our college expenses.

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