Buckethead – Big Sur Moon

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An evening pause: The guitar playing here by Angela Maldonado proves that you don’t need a synthesizer and computer software to play this stuff.

Hat tip Insomnious.



  • Christopher R

    Robert – I am wonderfully surprised to see a Buckethead song on your webpage. Buckethead will go down (arguably, of course) as one of the best musicians of all time. He has composed over 200 albums and his music covers the widest of ranges. He is a modern-day Mozart/Beethoven/etc. I hope you enjoy Big Sur Moon and I will share some of my other favorites with you as I go through my YouTube playlists.

    I encourage anyone who enjoys classical or instrumental music to indulge in Buckethead. Some songs you will hate, but many you will undoubtedly love.

  • Christopher R

    I know this is a cover version, but I highly recommend you explore original Buckethead music.

  • Insomnious

    I’ve been listening to Brian since the early 90’s. He has always been wonderfully weird and amazingly awesome! I’ll say that he is the Chopin of guitar with a whole lot of Andy Kaufman! Here is one from his leather-face Praxis daze, circa ’95 and a short story about his DisneyLand obsession.
    That’s all I’m gonna say here. ;)

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