Carrot harvester

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An evening pause: Stay with this, because when you see this machine smoothly lift three rows of carrots simultaneously out of the ground your jaw will drop. Isn’t engineering amazing?

Hat tip Edward Thelen.



  • wayne

    Cool machine.

    We have a lot of tree-crops & berry’s in my area of SW Michigan and you can see a number of these type of specialized harvesting machines in action during the Fall.

    These are very cool, and “home-grown.”
    Oxbo Brand, manufactured in Lynden, Washington.
    -Raspberry & Blueberry Harvesters

  • Joe

    Automation at its finest, never calls in sick, does not complain, someone still needs to fix it, cool video Edward.
    Wayne, your link won’t show video

  • wayne

    Joe– thanks, and sorry ’bout the link, inadvertently cut off the video ID.
    This one should work…

    Oxbo Berry Harvesters
    (tangentially– these type of harvesters cost around $100K each.)

  • Joe

    Very cool Wayne and Edward!

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