Crab Processing

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An evening pause: It is quite surprising how this process is still almost entirely done by hand.

Hat tip Edward Thelen.

I sure could use more engineering type evening pause suggestions like this. You all like them, so you must know how to find them. If you have a suggestion, let me know in a comment here. Don’t give the link, I will email you for it.



  • Michael Miller

    I love these How It’s Made type videos.

    While I’m not much of a crab fan, the lady presenter is a cutie.

  • DRay

    So, when the robots take over all our jobs at least we will be qualified to do this

  • wayne

    Count me in for anything involving the mechanical harvesting of farm produce.

  • ken anthony

    We had a great Chinese buffet near my job in Silverdale WA that included crab cakes. I could live on that buffet. I love crab.

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