El Camino del Rey

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An evening pause: I posted this video of El Camino del Rey (The King’s Road) back in 2010, but when Willi Kusche suggested it I thought, why not post it again? It shows a walk along the crumbling walkway high on the cliff walls of El Chorro canyon in Andalusia, Spain and is not for those with any fear of heights. Considering the craziness we are enduring with this year’s presidential election, I think this hike is relatively mild in comparison.



  • Wayne

    Yow- getting dizzy just watching.

  • PeterF

    All of the materials used in the construction would have had to have been carried by hand, one load at a time along an ever lengthening path.
    I suspect that many of the holes formed when someone stepped on the unsupported cement between the iron rails.
    The only thing scarier would be go pro video of someone riding a bike along the path.
    Here’s what it looks like today;

  • Steve C

    The amazing thing to me is that this path got it’s name because the Spanish King actually walked the thing.

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