Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender

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An evening pause: Performed on televsion, 1956.

Hat tip Edward Thelen, who added, “per LocalFluff’s request.”



  • LocalFluff

    I wonder if Elvis was so “sexy” because he was so obviously uninterested in the theater of wearing ridiculous clothes and uninterestedly reading out stupid lyrics. Stuff that others picked out for him, about which he doesn’t seem to have cared much. He always acts like an unattainable uninterested guy. Which might the point here, he just was himself, with no commitments to anything.

    Anyway, he was the founder of Rock. And that is appreciated.

    Or is it just because of the ugly sideburns? Something women cannot grow themselves and thus consider a very valuable resource, inexplicably. Maybe sideburns is the final Elvis explanation.

  • wayne

    >It was all those amphetamines & barbiturates he consumed on a daily basis.

  • LocalFluff

    wayne, Did he, that early on already? He appears to be innocent and benevolent. Sedated indeed, but wasn’t that a natural talent for him? He should’ve run against Carter, Elvis would’ve become president. Ending the cold war by doing nothing.

    My Elvis theory needs some working on, but I think he was perceived a bit like Jesus. A good guy. And I heard that he might still be alive! Elvis, not Jesus. I saw him myself recently, on a photograph, but anyway.

  • wayne

    Not a huge Elvis fan myself, but I shouldn’t make total lite of his eventual downfall or his talent.
    [Last spotted at a Burger King in Kalamazoo, Mi., in the late ’80’s, if I recall, and if one is into that sort of thing.]
    As I understand the Tale, he developed a taste for amphetamines & barbiturates after he got out of the Army and/but, managed quite well, into the late 60’s, where as they say “..behind the scenes things were going terribly wrong…”
    Colonel Parker, I believe, didn’t entirely have Elvis’s best interests in mind, to put it lightly.

    tangentially– you might enjoy the HBO series “Vinyl”
    [Vinyl] Richie meets Elvis
    –it’s all fiction but entertaining & with a historical-esque/stylized-bent.

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