Filming rocket launches

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An evening pause: Normally I post things unrelated to space in my evening pauses, but this video describing the history of the development of the cameras that film rocket launches is too good to not post. Besides, every rocket launch is entertaining to watch, even those that fail.

Hat tip Kevin Franke.



  • MarcusZ1967

    Curious Droid is a GREAT researcher…. been a fan and subscriber of his for a many years….

    Another great one here….

  • Phill O

    Nice video!

  • Jason Hillyer

    Saw this years ago, great video with lot’s of information. I also have been Subscribed to Curious Droid for quite a while.

  • Chris

    Very cool video
    Directly after college I worked for Contraves in Pittsburgh for almost ten years.
    The engineering staff was second to none. It was engineering nirvana for a kid just out of school.

  • wayne

    great selection!

    there exists a great documentary on the film unit that photographed all the nuclear bomb tests…. but I can’t readily locate it.
    The Lookout Mountain film lab people. Lengthy, with interviews from alumni and excellent archival footage.

  • wayne

    here we go….
    (–not sure if this complete)

    “Hollywood’s Top Secret Film Studio”

  • pzatchok

    A while ago I was looking for telescope mounts and actually found a bunch of these telescope camera mounts for sale at close to scrap prices.

    They were all from the Nevada test range I believe, WSMR, and went on sale when they upgraded about 10 years or so ago.

    Cameras not included. But the optics were.

  • wayne

    great story!

    pivoting back quite a bit further:
    after the rocket launch is filmed….
    “Baker Nunn Satellite Tracking Cameras”

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