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Gabriella Quevedo – Blackbird

An evening pause: This evening pause is partly an experiment. It is embedded not from youtube but from I would appreciate comments, problems, etc.

Genesis cover

On Christmas Eve 1968 three Americans became the first humans to visit another world. What they did to celebrate was unexpected and profound, and will be remembered throughout all human history. Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8, Robert Zimmerman's classic history of humanity's first journey to another world, tells that story, and it is now available as both an ebook and an audiobook, both with a foreword by Valerie Anders and a new introduction by Robert Zimmerman.

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"Not simply about one mission, [Genesis] is also the history of America's quest for the moon... Zimmerman has done a masterful job of tying disparate events together into a solid account of one of America's greatest human triumphs."--San Antonio Express-News


  • Greg taylor

    Great stuff

  • danae

    It’s very nice. I’ve heard it said that YouTube compresses videos, resulting in noticeable degradation of both visual and audio quality. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. Did you find that the choice of selections on is somewhat limited vs. YouTube’s offerings?

  • Mike Nelson

    streaming was a bit glitchy for me, but I’m in a hotel on a business trip so perhaps it is their wifi and not

  • danae: is a new competitor to youtube trying to take advantage of the negative publicity surrounding youtube’s recent censorship of conservatives. The selection appears to be small, but I think it will grow fast if people give it a chance and use it. They are very clearly focused on not squelching free speech.

    Did an advertisement play for anyone prior to or after the performance?

  • Mike Borden

    I did get a six second ad. No problem as the video quality was great. I think the ratio being widescreen caused it to only fit half of the allotted space with a black bar on the bottom of the box. Viewed on mobile. Worked perfectly though, and loaded way faster than anything from youtube.

  • CVA

    I must compliment you on your discovery and posting of Gabriella. I had the pleasure of discovering her soon after her first you tube. I have enjoyed watching her develop her guitar playing chops over the years. She is now quite well known in guitar circles; we all look forward to many more years of listening to her wonderful gift.

  • Mike Borden

    Quick update to last comment. I turned my phone sideways to portrait mode and there was no black bar. Also every ad i have watched has only been six seconds long, just before the video begins.

  • t-dub

    This worked very nicely. One short ad before the video. I’m using a browser called “Brave” and the video loaded very quickly and the quality was excellent. No problem going full screen and back.

  • Alex Andrite

    5 by 5.
    Crisp, clean and a very nice rendition.

  • CVA: This is not the first evening pause featuring Gabriella that I have posted. Put one up in 2015.

  • Robin Fox

    The first ad stalled. After I refreshed the page the second ad played flawlessly and went into the video. Very nice quality.

  • Max

    Short advertisement then the video played fine.
    No pesky message that “the video has been blocked by owner” and I must go to YouTube to watch.

    Another site offering videos is UGETube
    They are asking for any materials people have saved that you no longer can find on the Internet. Also Eye witness materials that are quickly taken down like the Portland riots, or the shootings in Las Vegas.
    They also have taken Alex Jones stuff that YouTube and Facebook took down. Their site is mostly centered around the first and second amendment because all of ther videos, Products and gun educational materials on standing for your rights were forbidden from the liberal YouTube. So they started there own site and have offered to handle filling orders for Alex Jones products that he and every one else that has been taken down that no longer can sell.

  • John M. Egan

    This beautiful rendition was preceded by a 6-second advertisement. Great work!

  • wayne

    One 6 second advert, I use IE-version 11 (!) and encountered no problems.

    all video is compressed for internet delivery. Raw video is on the order of 10-15 MB/sec.
    YouTube auto-converts video uploads into the .MP4 format, and there is an upper limit for the amount of data that is assigned to the audio portion. (You never get truly ‘high-quality’ audio from YouTube, but it’s good enough for your phone or computer speakers.)
    –One work-around for ‘quality’ issues at YT– if you use downloading-software, you are able to select the highest quality version they have available and download that specific version. (I have low speed DSL and can’t live stream medium-high quality video, so I capture the file and download the highest quality version for later playback.)
    [and… if you capture the complete File, there are never any inserted adverts, except for the pre-roll advert, if there is one.]

    Max– I’m a huge consumer of YT video for download— they have lightened up considerably on copyright take downs and blocking, for copywritten music.

    Ref Real. Video:

    Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger,” is responsible for Real.Video. (not to be confused with Real video, the video Format, two different things.)

    –It’s not a video-hosting platform– they use a P2P set-up and you have to be invited to participate on the creator end. (Which is why there aren’t 50 million cat-videos already uploaded.)
    With YouTube, they are giving away huge amounts of bandwidth, this ( set-up minimizes the amount of bandwidth for which they have to pay, to deliver the content to you.

  • wayne

    Mike Adams ( the ‘health-ranger’) got himself kicked off of YouTube about a year+ ago.

    “Peer to peer (P2P) is a network protocol for computer users, used for downloading torrents or P2P files. Rather than connecting to the Internet, P2P software allows surfers to connect with each other to search for and download content. Because of the unique structure of the network, it is very efficient for downloading large files. The Internet connects users or surfers to website servers. By cruising the Internet a user establishes a one-on-one connection with each website visited. If the user wants content (files) from that website, the server that archives the website transfers the files requested. Since a website can have hundreds or even thousands of visitors at any give moment, file transfer can be slow or sluggish at times. On a P2P network, when a user wants a file, installed software locates any copies of the file within the network. It then allows the user to create multiple connections with several sources that have all or part of the requested file. As parts of the file are received, they are also uploaded to other users that are requesting that file.”

    Unlike a strict torrent protocol, (where your computer & internet connection would be utilized, up & download) the content providers themselves are hosting/mirroring the files, and the process is seamless to the end-user.

  • Kevin R.

    There was the short ad about Real Video and then the vid itself.

    It all worked great on my ipad in Safari.

  • Worked great, but the site itself could benefit from more content. Their main page is literally almost all InfoWars.

  • wayne

    Patrick Chiles–
    (books look interesting!)

    Adams had previously announced he was going this route. (He has his own little health empire and as I noted above had gotten kicked off youtube.)
    -lengthy post from one of his websites.
    -Alex Jones & Adams know each other, not surprised they would reach an agreement. (This is a for-profit operation.) Alex is capable of delivering his own content in large measure, but it costs him a fortune compared to essentially zero through YouTube.) His casual-views dropped precipitously but his dedicated audience has increased overall.
    It will be interesting to see if this Model works. (It’s sorta in-between free-hosting/delivery, and having to pay end-to-end, without subscription revenue.) Out of my bailiwick, but it is sorta ingenious of him, but he’ll need more & varied content-partners.

  • wayne

    Beatle music covers:

    Alanis Morissette
    Norwegian Wood

  • wayne: I repeat, more forcefully: Why do you post such things in a comment, when if you were to send them to me I could feature them as an evening pause?

  • MarcusZ1967

    Excellent rendition!

    Gee, I feel left out. I didn’t get an ad before or after the video. ?

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